Your Crime Against Nature That’s Keeping You Weak and Fat


build muscle lose fat fastI had a meeting today with one of my consultation clients and as is often the case, our conversation revolved around one of the biggest issues I see when people want to get strong, lean, and be bad mothers.

*****by that I mean “Bad Mothers” in the Samuel L. Jackson sense, not like the Dateline sense… which pretty much just takes some cocaine and a drug-dealer boyfriend.*****

Anyway, this guy wants to be the biggest, baddest, and leanest dude on the block.  He’s already big as hell, pretty strong, and athletic.  Those parts are covered.  Now it’s time to get him shredded.

He’s been dieting for a while (successfully) but now has hit a bit of a plateau.  The fat just isn’t coming off anymore.  Needless to say, he’s frustrated.

The thing is, he’s doing everything right.

He’s busting his ass in the gym.  I see him every day, so I know it’s true.  He’s extremely meticulous about his diet, coming in well under maintenance every day, and I know he’s not bullshitting me.  He’s controlling his carbs.  He’s fasting.  He’s supplementing well.  All that shit.

On paper, he should be a fat-burning machine.

So why’s he stuck?

Because he’s committing a CRIME AGAINST NATURE!

(Ok, I couldn’t resist the dramatics)

See, life works largely on an inverse, or dual nature.  Like a balance beam, if you mess with one variable in life, there’s going to be another one that has an almost exactly inverse response.  As they say, you can’t play both sides against the middle.

And that’s what he’s doing.  He’s dieting hard and training hard.  You just can’t do both for long.  Pretty soon you’re going to come up on empty.  Either your training will suffer, your body will ratchet itself down to keep homeostasis, you’ll start burning up muscle… or all three.

Congrats on the abs, cutie.

So you’ll have your abs… and look like a twelve-year old girl, or you’ll stay smooth and suck in the gym.

I know, you think you can cheat the system.  You’re special.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve tried it, too.  It didn’t work very long for me, and it won’t work very long for you.

So you still want to be a big, ripped mother, right?

I recommend that you train hard, cycle your nutrition intake to meet your demand and operate in a slight deficit, and focusing on keeping your performance high.  I mean, it’s hard to be a bad mother if you’re so run down that you’re a pussy.

The exception being if you have some reason that you can’t train hard or if you’re looking for “get on stage shredded”.  Be it an insane travel schedule, rehabbing an injury, or whatever, since your training won’t be expending much energy you can get away with dieting hard and let your gym time be focused on maintaining mass.

What are your favorite tips to getting strong AND lean?  Drop a note below!

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