Truly BRUTAL Lower Body Workout


My facility, Relentless Strength Training, isn’t just a “gym”. As such, you’ll rarely hear it referred to in that manner. I usually use the word “facility”.

There’s a reason for that. To me, it’s not just a place where people pick shit up and put it back down, although we do a lot of that.

To me, Relentless is a lab. It’s a testing ground. My facility, with its concrete floors, horse stall mats, black iron pipe contraptions, sandbags, and white boards is a human performance improvement and examination center.

I’ve been running one of my experimental programs (that shall be released shortly *evil laugh*) with my morning men’s group. In this particular training cycle, Friday’s lower body workout has been particularly brutal. Brutal enough that I though I’d share it here:

There are a handful of things woven into the workout here but to keep it simple here’s some keys:

1. Zercher Squats are fucking painful. That’s the way it is, so suck it up, buttercup.

2. Those Front Squats are supposed to be fairly heavy (although not to failure). That sets the stage for the rest of the circuit.

3. Use a reasonably tall box for the step-ups. I’d err on the side of height (for stretch, glute activation, and blood flow) over external weight, but the Holy Grail is tall AND heavy. My ~6′ men are using a 24″ box, for reference.

4. “SB” stands for Sandbag. In my place we have an open area that’s about 10yds long that we use for traveling things like lunges. A “trip” is down and back, so ~20yds. On week 1 of this cycle the guys (who were already fit) were crying about using 40 and 60 lb bags. By week 4 they were crying about using 100 lb bags. Switch shoulders every full trip.

5. MF’ers are exactly what they sound like. Barbell Clean -> Push Press -> back down to the floor -> Push-up. All without your hands leaving the bar. The goal is to complete the reps with minimal breaks.

If you’re not used to this type of workload then your legs will be hammered the first time you do it. Use good recovery methodology and you’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt. After week one the guys were crying like little girls. By week 2 they were complaining less. By week three they were complaining only out of habit. By week four they’d reached acceptance and were back to complaining about their wives.

So give your wife a break and give your legs something to complain about.

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