Three Social Success Tips for Guys


I had the good fortune to attend a wedding this past weekend. I know, you probably all assumed that Isaac (aka Mr. McCrabby) would rather die than attend a wedding. However, I think you need to look at the positives:

-Assuming the wedding is a good idea you’ve got a great couple making a great decision together.
-Great food.
-Lots of people you’ve never met.
-A chance to rock a suit. What man doesn’t feel better in a suit? If you don’t, then get your ass to the gym.
-Dance floor.
-Lots of well-dressed women trying hard to look their best and be seen.

So, as long as it’s a good couple (it was) and a non-pain-in-the-ass ceremony (it was) then I really think that you have to look at weddings as a potentially great time.

In addition to just having a good time while I was there I participated freely in one of my favorite sports: People Watching.

A few things became painfully obvious to me.

Girls like real puppy dogs, not men acting like them. Weddings are often thought of as great “hook-up” places, thanks to The Wedding Crashers. Guys firmly believe this to be fact and try incessantly with every girl they see. The jury’s still out on whether women have bought in.

Anyway, I was able to watch several guys fawn over girls with the goal of picking these girls up. They all failed. Why? They made the same mistake that I see guys make all the time: Giving too much attention makes you seem weak and needy, probably because you are weak and needy.

Girls like guys that are confident and have their own things going on (makes sense, right?). Guys that are confident and have their own interest should be able to find about 47 people to have a conversation with at a wedding, even if they don’t know anybody. So spend some time meeting new people, and if you’re trying to pick up a girl, certainly talk to her but let her have some space to… talk to people at a wedding!

Dance. Even if you can’t dance worth a damn. Wedding receptions are all about the dance floor. You may think that you look like an idiot out there, but everyone is having fun, not judging your dancing ability. You know who looks like a creepy tool? The dude sitting by himself staring at the dance floor. Don’t be that guy.

Oh, and if Aunt Mildred got into the sauce a little hard you might end up getting your ass pinched. A little upsetting for sure, but that’s the price you pay.

Master the 15-second intro speech.
Here’s where you can quickly set yourself apart from every other guy at the wedding. Master a short sentence or two that answers the question “What do you do?” in an informative but novel way that will inspire more conversation. In business this is called an “elevator speech”.

You’re going to get asked what you do for a living every five minutes or so at a wedding. It’s the polite, neutral, and boring question. If your answer isn’t boring, your stock goes way up.

“I’m a personal trainer.”


“I help people achieve their performance goals, change their lives, and master their bodies. I love my job.”

Which sounds more interesting? The second option for sure. If you’re able to give an interesting (and useful) answer to a common question then you immediately become someone worth talking to. Come up with your 15-second speech and practice it until it sounds natural, not canned. After all, it is what you do so you should be comfortable saying it.

I saw several guys at this wedding that probably would have turned around their social interactions if they’d just worked on these three things. Having good social skills and social game isn’t rocket science, people, but it is important. Mastering a few basic skills like this is an easy way to attract more women, money, happiness, and success.

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October 3, 2010

Travis @ 2:39 pm #


Dude, good tips!

You bet your ass you need to be out on the dance floor cutting it up for sure!

October 6, 2010

Isaac @ 4:39 pm #


Right on, man! Hell, if you’re spending all of this time getting athletic in the gym then it’s just one more chance to show off your moves!


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