The Power of Moving Targets


One of the things that I’ve preached a lot and we’ve done in the HTKA group is creating a target to hit. Whether that target is financial, physical, tangible, or an “ideal lifestyle”, if makes it much easier to visualize, focus on, and reach when you’ve got a concrete idea of what it is. Makes sense, right?

Well, I’ve got a little piss for your cornflakes this morning. That concrete target is just an illusion, and when you get there chances are that you won’t be satisfied. Your ideal is always going to change, but if you’re headed in the right direction, it’s always going to be improving. You see, “ideal situations”, like your dream situation, are never truly the ideal situation. They’re like the horizon, and if you’re constantly chasing it, you’ll never hit it. Once you get to your ideal spot, you’ll find new things that you want to improve.

For example, think about where you are in your goal now and where you want to be. Let’s say that you make $50k per year, or about a thousand bucks a week. Now, you’re not starving by any means (unless you live in DC, Manhattan, or southern California), but you’ve decided that you want more. You’ve decided that you want to make $100k per year and if you did that then you’d be all set.

Would you?

I mean, you’d definitely be able to cover the bills that you pay now (duh), and do more stuff. But I’m willing to bet that you would probably hit that number and be looking for more out of life. Maybe that is enough money for you, but now you might look to improve some physical ability, or learn a new language, or master a Japanese Tea Ceremony (which I know absolutely nothing about but they seem to be a REALLY big deal to those who do).

Get my drift?

Ok. Now think back to when you were working your first job when you were out on your own. Maybe you were in college, or maybe you were fresh out of high school. Me? I was working the night shift in a blueberry processing plant with drunk forklift drivers and watching guys boot heroin on the bus ride down. Remind me to tell you some stories from that job some day.

Anyway. When you were working that first, shitty, low-paying job, what were you telling yourself? “Man, if I could just make $400/$600/$800/$1000 per week, I’d be ROLLIN’ in it”, right? Well, now you are, and what are you telling yourself? The same thing, just with a bigger number.

So, what am I say here? That we’re doomed to a life of misery and unfulfilled hopes and dreams?


Instead what I’m saying is that you need to look at your goals as steps on the journey. Rather than just putting all of your intensity into a goal to reach it and then look around saying “this is it?”, you need to put your soul into hitting it, enjoying the moment, and then looking around for the new opportunities and bigger goals that this one has presented to you.

One of my key mentors, Paul from the HTKA group, has been involved with professional baseball to a variety degrees, including the major league level. He said that it was definitely a “this is it?” moment upon hitting the Major Leagues after a long time trying. But instead of getting bummed out about it he’s gone on to use that experience to craft a terrific life for himself around the thing he loves (baseball) and help thousands of kids in the process.

Lock in on your goals. Attack them with laser-like focus. Enjoy yourself when you get there. Then go looking for new challenges. Rinse and repeat and you’ll be better every day.

What are you targeting right now?

What was one of your old “I made it” goals that you chuckle about now?

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April 1, 2011

mom @ 2:59 pm #

I really like this, Isaac! I hope you will to put all of your blog posts into a book some day soon! I know it will sell, especially as your following is growing! LOVE, MOM.

April 4, 2011

Isaac @ 6:26 pm #

Thanks, mom! I’m sure there’ll be some books down the road.

Hmm…. foreshadowing?


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