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When it comes to making progress and crafting your life there are always some stumbling blocks along the way. Other than just pure fear of taking action, there’s one in particular that seems to hang people up, but in fact is just about the lamest excuse out there: Lack of Knowledge.

How often do you hear some guy say “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how”? What he’s really saying is “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how and I’m too lazy to find out and then I’ll be out a convenient excuse for my inaction”.

If you’re using the “don’t know how” excuse to explain why you’re not doing something then all you’re doing is lying to yourself and the people you’re feeding that line to, plain and simple.

Well, I’m going to pull the bullshit rug out from underneath you and give you some quick-start tips on acquiring the know-how you need.

Step #1: Determine what you actually need to know. This is where a lot of guys get in trouble in college. I’ve gotta admit that I loved college and I support a wide and varied education; It’s part of becoming a well-rounded man. However, many colleges provide so much freedom and such a wide variety of available coursework that a lot of guys just sort of spend their time in school flailing around, taking lots of classes on a lot of subjects, and never really figure out what they need to study to be successful in life.

The military, while certainly having its educational failings at times, does a much better job at this. If your MOS involves a particular skill, such as refueling jets, then after basic training you are pretty much trained ONLY how to refuel jets. You don’t know anything about refueling tanks, fixing jets, or repairing bridges. This allows the military to quickly and efficiently turn out technicians that can perform the task they require. The trade-off for this is that they easily can over-specialize and insulate their people.

If you want to achieve a particular goal, then there are some skills you’ll probably have to have. Isolate those skills and figure out how to learn them if you don’t already know them.

Step #2: Assess the level of skill that you need to attain. Here’s another one that a lot of guys allow themselves to get sidetracked in. They go into WAY more depth into a topic than they need to in order to achieve their goal. Again, I’m all for becoming an expert in something, but that’s for when you have time to indulge your interests. If you’re set on crushing a goal then extra time spent learning an advanced skill is merely time spent avoiding actual work.

You see this happen all of the time in marketing. A guy will decide that he’s going to open a business (online or offline) and needs to learn how to market in order to sell his product. Well, the basics of marketing are pretty simple and once you get the hang of it you can get pretty decent results from just knowing and implementing the basics.

Instead this guy will get sucked in by other, more advanced marketers and buy course after course, read book after book, and watch video after video. Before long he’ll be very well-versed in marketing theory and be able to go on and on about some pretty advanced topics. There’s only one problem… He’s spent all of this time learning and hasn’t actually sold a damn thing!

Just as you can use lack of knowledge as an excuse to avoid action you can use time spent acquiring knowledge as an excuse to avoid action.

Step #3: Find the fastest way to attain the skill you need. This may be simply going to the library or hopping online and getting a book. For example, if you were in need of setting up basic web pages then a book or an online tutorial will probably tell you all that you need to know.

Or the best way to learn a skill might be finding a mentor and learning through apprenticeship. If you wanted to learn blacksmithing, then I’d recommend this route.

It may even be going back to school if your chosen goal is to become a doctor or something requiring a professional or specialized degree.

Regardless of what you’re trying to learn keep your eye on your end goal and apply what you’re learning towards that.

Step #4: Put the skills into action. No matter how much you learn about a topic, you don’t really start to get it until you use the skills involved. Once you’ve built up a sufficient level of knowledge then you need to get your nose out of a book and put some of those techniques into practice.

Stop using bullshit excuses about not knowing how to do something in order to hide fear and laziness. Figure out what you need to learn, learn it, and then move ahead. Make it happen!

What skill are you learning right now and how will it apply to your life?

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February 14, 2011

pete @ 8:56 pm #

great blog man..
I feel that #3 is the best thing that i have learned from the process of getting stuff done.
…Step #3: Find the fastest way to attain the skill you need. This may be simply going to the library or hopping online and getting a book….
Getting a mentor or someone that can fast track you to the best possible position is the way to go.
I’ve learned so much more and got so much more accomplished when asking or even paying for help.
I believe that doing what you are good at and having someone else do it or teach you how to do it rules.
Saves so much time and work is 100% more productive.
Thanks for the post I-daddy!!

February 15, 2011

Isaac @ 8:55 pm #


I agree 100% that finding a mentor is a big key to being successful.

Once you figure out what you need to know, or even if you need to know a particular skill, you can really dial in what you need to do and not waste time. That way you can spend more time on what actually moves you forward!


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