The Importance of Strength and Muscle Building to Being a Man


There’s a lot that goes into being a man in today’s society and being good at it. If you’re really trying to maximize your potential in life (and if you’re not, then why are you here?) then you should be consistently growing in all areas of your life. You should be learning and improving your mind regularly. You should be examining your life and your ideals and further defining yourself. And you should be developing the strongest, fittest body that you can.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but if strength training isn’t a fixture in your life then here are some things to think about:

-Strength training and muscle building is a quick way to improve confidence. Now, just because you lift some weights and gain some mass doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly become the Big Man on Campus or Mr. Confident. That being said, just about every person I know who’s seen notable progress in the gym, both in strength gained and physique improved, has had a boost of confidence from it.

-The gym teaches you about hard work. The gym teaches you some of the hard lessons in life that people are apparently missing on their way through living in our society today. Building muscle and getting stronger isn’t nearly as easy as sitting at your computer and reading this blog. It takes sweat, effort, and sometimes some blood to get really strong.

The gym teaches you about consistency and planning. If you want real results, you need to have a real program and put it into action. How many guys do you know that come into the gym, wander around, play with some curls and shoulder raises, and then wander back out? How much progress do they make? Not much. Plan your programs, consistently do the right things, and put in the work day after day, week after week, year after year. You’ll get better.

The gym teaches us about pain. We live in a very soft society now. It is entirely possible to go throughout your day without experiencing any discomfort or pain (although if you’re the guy who does this then you should feel a sharp sting… that’s your pride and manhood). Maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm and then went into combat sports, but I feel that pain is a powerful and necessary part of a man’s life. Pain burns away your weakness and clarifies your thoughts. Pain provides impetus for change and improvement. If you’re training with the degree of intensity required to develop strong, powerful muscles then you’ll be pitting yourself against discomfort and pain. Embrace it. Your regular exposure to this will increase your pain threshold and teach you about yourself.

Those who are unwilling to test themselves and continually push themselves to the next level are not only doing themselves a disservice, but they’re letting down society. Our society is rapidly slipping as men become weaker and weaker and seek to avoid tempering themselves by facing challenges. The gym is the most readily available proving ground for you to stop contributing to that trend and instead seek to become better and help turn the tide.

-You’ll be healthier from your time in the gym. Human beings are designed to be mobile, active, and stimulated by a variety of means and experiences in our daily lives. Our society has evolved in a way that tends to limit all of those things. The gym allows you to put varied physical activity back into your life. Strength training has all sorts of health benefits including stronger and healthier muscles, improved immune function, increased cardiovascular function, structural balance, increased bone density, reduced body fat, improved cognition and brain function, and elevated mood states. In other words:

Squat Time > Couch Time.

-Bigger, stronger, and more muscular is always better than smaller, weaker, and flabbier. While we may live in a society that makes being small, weak, and flabby ok, it doesn’t make it all right. While not everyone needs to be a high level powerlifter or strongman (although I personally am a bit biased towards that direction), there’s no excuse for you as a man to not be taking the bull by the horns, grabbing some iron, improving yourself.

Plus, do you like women who are soft, dumpy, don’t take care of themselves, and generally don’t give a shit about how they look? Or do you prefer a woman who’s fit, trim, well-groomed, and obviously cares about her appearance? The answer is obvious, right? You can have your hairy wildebeast if you want to, but I know I’m looking for the girl that keeps it right.

Well, it goes the other way, too. While men have been under the impression that we’ve been given the appearance “pass” to carry around our own set of tits balanced on a hairy beer gut, the hard truth is that chicks dig dudes that are in shape. So if you want to get more sack time, put in more gym time.

Look at all the women come running...

The bottom line is that as with all things maintaining a powerful, both in appearance and in function, physique is part of being a balanced man. Almost all truly great polymathic and renaissance men throughout history have balanced their terrific intellects with skilled athletics. That’s not a coincidence. The gym and athletic field is the quickest and easiest venue to learn some of life’s most important skills and to develop the most important thing you’ve got going: You.

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January 31, 2012

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February 16, 2011

Sylvia Mavros @ 4:56 pm #

Love this!! I’m sharing 🙂

Isaac @ 8:01 pm #

Appreciated, girl!


June 6, 2011

zetty @ 2:18 am #

this is nothing but the hard truth it makes you think …….thanks.

June 9, 2011

Isaac @ 12:28 am #

Thanks for reading, Zetty.

One of the primal instincts of man that we seem to be losing quick is the focus of improving ourselves. That’s a crying shame, right there.


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