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This weekend I had the opportunity to speak as an alumni and guest panel member at the 2011 HTKA Seminar in Red Bank, New Jersey. I’ve written about the How To Kick Ass Brotherhood, started by Paul Reddick and Zach Even-esh, before and I credit them to really helping me change my life.

As usual, I had a blast and it was great to meet the new brothers of the HTKA fraternity. I was able to both give and receive a lot of advice throughout the course of the weekend and something really struck me on the second day. We were talking about how the HTKA is an ongoing community where even after the seminar we continue to keep in touch and help each other out with advice, referrals, and usually lots of off-color jokes.

I realized one of the biggest things that pisses me off in life, whether it’s part of the HTKA, building muscle, business, or getting less fat is guys who ask for advice but then don’t follow it. If you choose to spend your life not accomplishing anything, just sitting around and playing with yourself, that’s cool. It’s your choice. But if you’re the guy who’s constantly asking for advice but then refuses to take any action on the (credible, obviously) advice that’s given, now you’re stroking off the person you asked as well as yourself and chances are they don’t have time for that shit.

Now, I know I get up here and preach to you to make your own path. To be a decision maker. To charge ahead with your dreams. I still believe in all of that with all of my heart.

However, I also tell you to find mentors and examples. Find guys to look up to with good character and focus. I ask my mentors for advice all the time, and when they give it, I follow it.

Find your path, but look to the wisdom of people who’ve come before you. And if you should be so lucky as to receive good advice from them: Take it.

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March 21, 2011

Rob Beyerlein @ 11:00 pm #

This makes me think of the days in my early 20s when i was giving out diet and training advice in my gym or on the net left and right and then the dipshits choose not to follow it. Or worse, they would tell me that after i had spent hours programming training and diet for them that they were going to try “so and so gym experts” routine because it would get them ripped quicker. Bottom line, if you are going to ask for advice, follow it, otherwise, there will come a day when the only advice you get that isn’t lip service is going to cost you.

March 22, 2011

pete @ 11:24 am #

Great time too as well and exactly man. You can receive all the advice in the word whether it be from a high school teacher or fucking Obama, but if you don’t take action afterwards and i’m talking immediate you will lose that flame you sparked while learning. Awesome post Ice and thank for the chats this weekend. meet up again soon brotha!

Isaac @ 4:24 pm #

Rob: Yeah, man. It’s a tough thing and the gym seems even worse for it than most places. Again, I don’t have much problem with people who don’t follow unasked-for advice, that’s their deal. But if you ask, then you need to give it some thought and take some action.

F’n Pete! Yeah, man, always a good time and thanks for taking the time to let me bounce some ideas off of you. You’re right on when it comes to taking action and the longer you wait to do it the less likely it’s going to happen. We’ll catch up soon, man!

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