Rock My World Wednesday – When Turkeys Play With Sharp Things


Back for another week of Rock My World Wednesday! Sorry I’ve been so quiet with my posting this past week; I’ve been in the lab working on a bunch of stuff behind the scenes, so get ready for some crazy stuff in the near future.

That being said, I have had some time to be impressed with some stuff this week. Without further adieu, let’s get to the fun!

ThanksKilling Movie. My buddy J clued me into this as a mutual lover of campy, B (or lower) horror films. Fucking right. Not only is it the season, it’s truly awful… and awesome. Everything from the idea (a resurrected, cursed turkey running around stabbing people) to the execution (awful) to the lines “Gobble gobble, motherfucker” and “You just got stuffed!”. If you love this type of movie and are up for some laughs, then grab it. If you aren’t into campy, gratuitous comedic horror movies or just have a stick up your ass, then a) you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog, and b) it’s not for you.

-Being (relatively) pain-free. So I’ve had severe and chronic back and hip pain for years. It comes with the territory in the powerlifting world, and some mistakes early in my training career have cost me years of productive growth and a ton of pain. Last week I mentioned the Trigger Point Therapy Manual that I’ve been rocking lately, but I just wanted to say again that being pretty much pain-free is totally awesome.

After hurting too much to train effectively for a long time it’s amazing to be able to move and feel decent again. I accomplished this with a fairly long process of mobility work, soft-tissue release, good old fashioned rest, muscular imbalance training, conditioning, and lots of other hippy crap that heavy lifters don’t like to do. That’s why we get hurt (obviously combined with the stress of loading). Take it from me, doing the little stuff is definitely worth it.

The video for the new Hinder song All-American Nightmare. Hot.

-Jim Wendler’s new article on EliteFTS. Nothing fancy here, but he demonstrates exactly what happens when you don’t get all buck-nutty and try to do 1000 things at once. Start out with something you can handle and take small, regular steps towards a goal and you’ll succeed.

-This picture, because that’s a big friggin’ bull. What does a 1500 lb, lean, and jacked bull do? Whatever the hell it wants to.

Can you dig it?

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November 18, 2010

Noah @ 12:49 am #

I’ve been in the same boat, lately. 2 surgeries in 4 years and a lifetime working around the injuries has created a lot of dysfunction. Tons of stretching and mobility work has really paid off for me, too. Why didn’t I do this stuff when I was younger? Congrats, brother!!!

Paul D'Arcy @ 3:53 am #

The plan is simple enough -and it really works too!
I did something similar to drop 125 pounds in about 14 months.
I remember thinking that I might break the sidewalk when I started the ‘walk-jog-walk’ portion of the program… 325 pounds is a hell of a lot of weight to be slamm’n a little 4″ concrete city walk with!

Isaac @ 10:51 am #


Great work on dropping that weight! I know what you mean about feeling like you might break the sidewalk!


Isaac @ 10:54 am #


You’re telling me! The only reason I can still squat and deadlift at all, after hurting my back years ago, is because I stumbled on the foam roller right before they became “standard fare” in the industry. Joe Hashey and I made mention of that this past weekend, actually. It’s amazing how far the industry has come in just a few years!

Honestly, though, the only reason I am as good at what I do now as I am is because of all of the mistakes I made when I was younger! I’d love to have avoided them, but then again, they’ve helped me learn, too.



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