Rock My World Wednesday – Ouchies, Girls on Fire, and Great Friends


One of the coolest things about the internet is the ability for information and ideas to travel and get into the hands of people that want them. As such, one of the things I’ve been wanting to do lately with this blog is to have a weekly list of off-the-cuff thoughts and things that I’m getting into lately.

I like a lot of different stuff, and I know that you do as well, so once a week I’m going to post up some things that are rocking my world at that particular time. I’m going to post up whatever is rocking my world at the time, from a great product to a music video, to a conversation I had on the street and even just a funny picture. Hopefully I’ve found something cool that you like and it’ll keep a fun, light-hearted look at things around here.

After all, if it’s not fun then you’re not living life the way it should be.

Welcome to “Rock My World Wednesdays”

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies This book is just plain awesome. I’m not going to give a full review here, but it’s worth the check-out, especially at the price Amazon has it for (I don’t have an affiliate link there). Pretty much everyone has trigger points and impingements and this book goes through the entire body and gives a thorough explanation of how to treat trigger point pain.

Veteran’s Day is Tomorrow. Thank you to all of the veterans and current members of the US military that are busting your ass day in and day out for my freedom and our country. Everyone out there, find a vet and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

F’in Pete’s BlogI posted this up on Facebook over the weekend, but I want to throw it out here, too. Pete Isip (“F’in Pete”), one of the HTKA Alumni, has been putting up some amazing stuff in his blog. It’s raw, real, and he’s talking about a lot of the same issues with being a fat kid, struggling with self-esteem, and a host of other challenges that I and a lot of others have gone through.

Sometimes I see what he’s posted up and I don’t want to open the link up because it brings back a lot of pain. That’s how hard-hitting it is. Mad respect, man.

Check it out: Big Muscles, Bigger Heart

snagged from Jay Isip's Blog

This Picture… ’cause it’s, well… hot!

Good Friends I had dinner last night with Trevor Lea-Smith, his beautiful wife, and my buddy M, and it was a blast. We didn’t do anything crazy, just cooked up a bunch of food, had a couple of beers, and had a lot of great conversation. It’s always amazing to me how great friends can just say anything around each other and just be real. No matter how troublesome or bad things may be going, being around your friends can let you know that you’ll be ok. I’m definitely thankful for mine.

That’s the first edition of Rock My World Wednesdays! Comment below with what’s rocking your world!

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November 11, 2010

April @ 12:30 am #

How bout some tips on how to get a rack like that? Don’t leave us hangin!

Isaac @ 1:27 pm #

Work with what ya got to get what ya want, girl!

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