Rock My World Wednesday – It’s Business Time


While I’m not a big fan of the “New Year’s Resolution” (just wait for tomorrow’s blog post…) I am a fan of the idea that it represents:

Taking care of business and making changes.

After all, nobody says “This year, I resolve to do exactly what I am doing now and that’s it”. Or, if they do, then to be honest they kind of suck. Instead, the New Year’s Resolution is rooted in the idea of improvement, and that’s the name of the game around here. So without more preamble here’s what’s got me rocking…

Chuck Vogelpohl crushing the Box Squat with chains

1. The Box Squat. Now that I can squat relatively pain-free, I’ve been going back to my roots and working on getting strong again. The Box Squat definitely accomplishes that. It’s a great developer of the glutes, hamstrings, and hips as well as teaching power out of the hole.

Dave Tate's doing it right.

2. My man Zach Even-esh talking integrity. Zach’s one of my key mentors and he’s one of the most “from the heart” guys I know. Integrity is something that’s really lacking in the world today and he hits it right on the head. Guys, part of being a man is showing that integrity. You know what’s right and wrong. Do the right thing.

3. A pretty freakin’ killer 2010. I gotta tell you, my mid-20’s sucked as a whole. That was my fault. 2009 wasn’t much better. That was the adjustment year. 2010? Pretty good, I gotta say. Certainly not perfect, but I’m pumped for 2011. Check out some observations that hit me and contributed to my year here: Lessons from 2010

4. This picture. Why? Because I’m the kind of person that (now) has pretty good days most of the time, but if I’m not… Everyone knows it. *grin*

5. My mentors and a select “fraternity” of trainers. These guys know who they are, and a lot of my success has come with their help. Seriously, find a mentor. Regardless of what you want to do, in relationships, business, life, whatever, find someone who has been there and made it work and pick their brain. Treat them with respect and listen to their guidance.

6. This picture, too. This has been my desktop image all week.

7. Slash is a Mother-F’in Rock Star. Slash is a true artist with a guitar. Fergie… not so much. But you know damn well that he was sitting around one night, a little buzzed, thinking about what he was going to do with this song and video idea in front of him and brainstorming about who he’d most like to perform the role in the song. “Hey baby, want a chance to work with a real artist?”. And that’s how she got the role. Rock on, dude.

Seriously, what is kicking your ass? If I don’t get some people to chime in on these I’m going to think that you all are just lame.

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January 12, 2011

Jamie Sulc @ 4:34 pm #

Great stuff Isaac! I’m with you brother. I’m pumped for 2011 as well!

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