Rock My World Wednesday – Haters Gonna Hate


It’s Wednesday, so that means another Rock My World Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a topic that should, and probably will be in the future, its own post: Haters. Everywhere you go, there are people who are going to try to bring you down for no good reason. Maybe it’s jealousy. Maybe it’s because they think they can elevate their status by making you look bad. Maybe it’s just because they’re too damn bored in their everyday life so they need to stir the pot just to have something to do.

Regardless, no matter who you are and what you’re trying to do, there’s going to be people that hate on you. The internet has only made it that much easier for these dimwits to run off at the mouth as they can safely hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

I’m not going to lie. I don’t like it when the Hate Parade comes after me. Nobody likes to have someone attacking them, but you’ve got to develop a thick skin to get through this world. Keep doing what you know is right in your heart, listen to wise and valuable opinions, and learn to just say “Fuck’em” to the rest.

As fellow HTKA Brother Chris Rossomando recently said: “Life is tough, wear a cup, keep moving'”.

So, to start the linking (other than the cleverly-placed links to my own pages) I’ll post up one of the more hysterical replies to a hater and what got me started on this today, courtesy of Jason Ferruggia

1.  Jason Ferruggia vs Hater.  Well-played, my good man.

Oh, if you haven’t read Jason’s stuff, then you should. The dude has his own style and has been going hardcore vegan lately, but he’s not full of shit when it comes to training.

2.  This Picture. One of my more illustrious nicknames from college is “Panda”, or at times “The Pretty, Pretty Panda”.  I firmly maintain that it’s because I’m very white, sort of bear-like, and wear a lot of black.  Plus I’m pretty chill until I get riled up.  I think my college friends have other reasons for the nickname, but I like mine.  Anyway, this pic is a riot.

3.  This article from EliteFTS. Not so much for the article, which is sort of “meh” and about basic planking, but for the comments. That’s where the real gold is.  Other than the dude that sort of just rambled on proclaiming his greatness as a trainer without really saying anything, there’s some great discussion in the comments, so read them. Everything has a purpose when it comes to training, the question is, does that purpose apply to you. As for my answer to whether or not static abdominal endurance is important… it depends. Heh.  How’s that for a non-committal response?  I’ll write on my opinion of that in the future.

4.  A very interesting article by Christian Thibaudeau from T-Nation. In general I like CT’s stuff. Sure, the dude markets (see Jason Ferruggia above as well), but to be honest both of these guys are putting out good, well-written, and fairly original shit. Why shouldn’t they get paid? A man’s gotta eat, and if you’re helping people then as far as I’m concerned there’s not much better a profession than that.

Regardless of all that, CT’s article flies in the face of a lot of the training “conventional wisdom” and combines a lot of the stuff that some of us have been doing to create some amazing results. He also hammers home the idea that training for athleticism and performance is the best way to build a killer physique, which I’ve been preaching forever.

What’s rocking your world? Drop a comment below!

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