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One of the members of the HTKA community just launched his first blog post today and in it talked about taking action and finding success regardless of those who may speak against you. I commented on the post, as you’ll see, adding that in addition to leaving those who try to drag you down behind then you also need to seek out those who do have a congruent mindset.

As I said in my comment to Lachlan; Those of us with an entrepreneurial bend to us tend to want to manage everything and think that we operate alone as islands in the sea of drones around us. We seek so hard to set ourselves apart from the herd that we get the notion in our head that nobody understands us and that we don’t need anybody. After a while we even start romanticizing it; Imagining ourselves to be the lone wolves, Pale Riders, and last samurai of the commercial and lifestyle world.


While successful men (be they entrepreneurs or not) should be comfortable and able to face challenges alone and as leaders, there are times where it is advantageous to seek the wisdom, support, and backing of other like-minded individuals. Just as we seek to avoid the naysayers and energy suckers we should seek to emulate those who may mentor us to success and push us beyond our comfort zones. Even if you’re more than capable of doing most things on your own you’ll eventually find that your network is your biggest asset.

Today is Make It Happen Monday. Your mission is to find someone in your network who you’ve not spent enough time with lately or may have even lost touch with and to reach out to them. You don’t need to do anything creepy like send them a gift (although for reference I like dark beer and good steak), but just pick up the phone or even drop a Facebook or email. Make something happen and put yourself back on their radar by reaching out with a giving hand.

Whatever you do, make sure that you’re not getting in touch with them just because they have a hook-up you want, even if they do. Nobody likes the douchebag who’s obviously just connecting with them because they want something. People who are worth connecting with can smell this a mile away. So don’t be that guy. Instead, approach them with the offer of a small favor (the giving hand), drop an article that made you think of them (something funny or about one of their favorite sports teams), or if it’s someone who you have a solid relationship with that you just haven’t caught up with then invite them out for a beer with the promise that you’ll grab the first round (and then do it, you cheap fuck).

Who are you going to connect with today?

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April 4, 2011

Lachlan @ 10:16 pm #

Bro! Spot on. GOD COMPLEX. We suffer from it!

Gotta break the mind set! Keep posting hardcore brother. Getting it DONE!

April 6, 2011

Isaac @ 12:06 pm #

Ha! Trust it to an Aussie to come in here with the fire.

Keep hammering it, dude.


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