Ray Lewis Showing How Leadership Is Done


I’ve posted a video of Ray Lewis (Pro Bowl Inside ‘Backer for the Ravens) giving an inspirational speech about effort before. The man is a great player and inspirational speaker, that much is obvious.

Another video clip just went up showing that he’s being a great leader as well.

The Ravens didn’t win this past weekend. New England beat them to go to the Super Bowl. It could be contended that the Ravens played better than the Patriots, but the bottom line is that neither team played to perfection and the score didn’t fall in their favor.

After all these guys go through all season, losing one game out from the Championship is tough. Sure, they’re pros. They get paid. A lot. But they’re also elite, competitive athletes. They bust their ass. They hurt and bleed all season. Many are so doped up on painkillers that they can barely think straight just to make it through another day of the season. They travel through the night, away from their friends and families, to foreign gladiatorial pits where opposing crowds chant for their heads to be ripped off and jeer when they get hurt. Week after week.

And eventually, as Lewis pointed out, every team except one loses.

It’s easy to be a leader when things go right. It’s easy to cheer everyone on and hand out knuckle pounds when the confetti is stuck to your face and the champagne is flowing. It’s easy to the The Man when everyone is too pumped up to care.

It’s hard to lead when you’ve failed.

And like the NFL season, in life everyone eventually fails.

Well done, Ray.

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January 26, 2012

pete @ 6:52 pm #

hells yeah!

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