Penn Jillette Tells It Like It Is… and Sets a Great Example


I don’t get into politics on this blog on a regular basis and I’m not going to start.  However, that doesn’t mean that I am not aware of general politics and I don’t spend a little bit of time reading about them. This is something that I feel that any man living in a democracy (call the United States what you want, but that’s the goal) should do. After all, if you’re not aware of what’s going on, it is irresponsible to wield the sword of power with your vote.

Anyway, a couple of my friends posted up a great article/opinion piece written today by Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame.

Check it out here.

Now, I personally agree with a lot of Penn’s politics but I don’t particularly care if you do or not, as that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

However, he made reference to a few key values that I feel every man should pay attention to.

1. He name-drops a well-known and influential (in some circles) “friend” that is relevant to the story.  However, he then proceeds to  call himself out on that he’s name-dropping and tongue-in-cheek notes that he likes to pretend that they’re actually friends. I know lots of people who wouldn’t have clarified at all and instead just claimed that “so-and-so is my friend” in an attempt to make themselves look more cool despite that they’ve only met a couple of times. Not cool.

2. He uses this “friend” and himself (and squirrels!) to illustrate the point that very smart people STILL DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING. Rather than claim that they do, make some shit up, or just get all blustery with their (unfounded) dogma, he and the other smart person just say “I don’t know”.

If you don’t know something, just admit it and either a) Offer to find out, or b) Move on. That’s man shit, right there.

3. Teller acknowledges that he took some heat on a recent television appearance. Rather than swing back or get pulled into the fight he acknowledges that the host was both doing his job and attacking him from a position of ignorance.

If you’re confident in yourself and your beliefs you don’t have to get yanked into every little fight by some prick that wants nothing more than to tear you down. There’s nothing The Weak fear like confidence and, like every dumb redneck in every friendly alien movie out there, they seek to destroy what they fear and don’t understand.

Well done, Penn.

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