Passion, Distractions, and a Little Sip from the Hate Tank


Hey all, sorry I’ve been a little slack with the communications lately. I’ve been working on some big projects, both in the online business and especially in the local business, that have been sucking a bunch of time lately. That being said, when they’re done they’re going to be, as my mentor Paul Reddick so eloquently puts it, “The Tits”.

Enough about that. I’ve got some stuff in the tank for the rest of the week, but today I wanted to highlight an article and an interview that you might have missed.

-First off I wanted to share a killer post from my buddy DC, owner of Genesis Athletic Performance, THE Premier training spot in Houston, TX. *****It was chosen by some of the studs of the Texan’s defense to train during the lockout, if you need more street cred.*****

Anyway, DC’s post really hits home with me. See, I just got back from a closed-door meeting in Jersey with some other movers and shakers and one of the things we really hit on was passion. A couple of the guys were writing and doing some good stuff with their blogs (and I’ve been guilty of this, too) but they weren’t really hitting their own passions. As a result, you can tell that things are just a little “off”, and their success isn’t what it should be, even though they’re doing things “right”.

I used to do the same thing, as I said above, and it really screwed me up.

The answer? Stop doing what you don’t really care about and start going after your passion. Passion bleeds through and can be seen. If you’re passionate, people will be drawn to that. This goes for more than writing and business. Stop faking the funk and just do what you know is right for you, and you’ll find your way.

-Next up I want to share an interview/call that I did with another buddy of mine, Matty Wichlinski. Now, Matt’s a total freak when it comes to both athletics and personality, but when it comes to training he’s very much on point. Like me, he’s also not one to mince words and doesn’t hold his opinions back. So when he shot me a text and wanted to record a phone call… unscripted, I knew that we had to make that happen. So here’s Matt and I, rude, unscripted, and uncensored.

Be sure to listen to the end where he lays out some GOLD on progressing in gymnastics and bodyweight movements.

All right, that’s it for today. Tomorrow I’m going to be back with an article on improving the number one athletic skill that everyone should master. Make sure you drop a comment below on the stuff I posted above!

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