After a conversation while out to dinner this weekend one of the other trainers at the gym, Tony (he of the uncontrollably attractive ponytail… just ask him) posted up a killer video on my Facebook wall. In the brief clip Sylvester Stallone talks about “the switch” that happens when it’s time to go from having fun to making things happen.

*photo credit: AnimalPak Ad

Check it out:

After you realize that he’s talking about one of the great Man Movies of American cinema, Over the Top, pay attention to what he says about “The Switch”.
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So yesterday I was procrastinating by cruising around Facebook and up popped an announcement from Chris Beardsley and Bret Contreras that they’d teamed up to create a monthly research review on strength and conditioning. This immediately piqued my interest as I’d literally just been lamenting to one of my trainer buddies that there wasn’t a good “clearing house” of research in the S&C field. I’m a research nut but always struggle to find time to search out and pour through studies over a wide variety of journals. Given the limits on my time, no matter what I do I’m always a little behind. I know both Chris and Bret are very meticulous in their own study of the research, so I definitely was interested in what they would be putting out.

Given my excitement, I shared the announcement I’d seen on FB and it sparked a little discussion regarding the product, its perceived quality, and whatnot. From that thread Chris shot me a note offering me a month of the service if I’d review it. Needless to say, I jumped on that opportunity, and here’s what I think:
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When you were a kid, did you ever throw a rubber ball up against a brick wall? When I was growing up I spent a lot of time by myself by virtue of the rural town I lived in. As such a favorite outdoor activity was to throw a ball against a wall to catch, work on rebounding, and so on.

What did this little game do for me, other than my childhood sounds like an After School Special when you say it out loud? (it wasn’t, by the way. No real complaints here)

I learned that no matter how hard I threw the ball, the wall didn’t care. Slow pitches, fast pitches, and even the occasional curve all hit the wall and came bouncing or rolling back to me. Some throws returned faster than others, but they all came back. And they all came back as a reflection of the way they were thrown.

This weekend I was talking to a friend that I haven’t really caught up with in a while and, as usual for us, there was a solid mix of both business and personal talk (for us those two aren’t really that separated). One of the great things about this friend of mine (and hopefully I serve the same purpose for him) is that he’s a conversational version the brick wall in my childhood games.
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In my last post I made a statement that it’s very possible and common to gain strength while losing fat, as opposed to most people who insist that you need to get weaker to get leaner.

One of the members at the gym very kindly read the post and asked me to go into a bit more detail. I was on my way out the door to go see a play (see, there is a little culture in my game!) so I gave him a pretty quick answer. It was a great question, though, so I thought I’d go into a bit more detail here. Paul, this one’s for you.
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Everyone hits the gym with different goals and priorities, but when you boil things down to the most basic, why-are-you-here level the truth is thatmost dudes are in the gym because they want to build muscle and lose fat. Sure, you may have certain number goals, health ideals, or even use the iron as your stress relief, but the bottom line is that probably you want to be lean and jacked as a result of all of that hard work.

Given that I have the luxury of the bird’s eye view on a large sample population’s attempts at achieving the aforementioned “Lean and Jacked” state, I have a few insights into some common screw-ups in the quest for Jacked-hood.

In no particular order, here’s three basic things that you can do to be bigger and leaner, faster.
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Want to hear one of the biggest trainer prick quotes I’ve dropped in my career? Of course you do.

*****First, before you hear it and get all up in arms, the back story:

I was talking with one of my interns last year and he asked me “Isaac, why do you mostly just train athletes and fitness people, given that the fat loss market is so much bigger?” (paraphrased).

I thought about it for a second, and here’s what I came up with:
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The strength and fitness game is full of all kinds of arguments and controversy. Olympic lifting versus Powerlifting. Running versus Strength Training. High-carbs versus Atkins. Vegans versus Everyone Else.

So much controversy.

There is, however, one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on:

If you want to reach your physique goals, you’d better be eating like it’s your job.

Since I love to cook (that’s right, ladies… all of my amazing qualities and I cook) and try out new meals I was on the prowl for something that would be manly and yet would satisfy my weekend hunger.

The problem?
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You know how every once in a while you “discover”, or are reminded of, something that you knew and realized that what you were doing was stupid? You know, the moments resulting in a “duh” moment and feeling like the world’s biggest dummy?

For example, I always think I can sneak a black shirt into the dryer with my whites and it won’t get covered with white lint because “it’s just one shirt and I don’t have any towels in there”. Fast-forward to a hour later and I’m wearing a shirt that makes me look like I’m growing mold.

Other than my laundry disasters, I had another one of those moments a little while back and it’s something I see others do pretty often, actually.
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A little while back the owner of the Crossfit facility I run my business out of received an interesting and angry email. The woman who wrote it aggressively expressed no desire to join the facility, had never participated in Crossfit, didn’t know the owner personally, and yet was writing an email to say that she was never going to join a facility like that.

Just in case you missed it, I’ll boil it down a bit: This woman spent a fair amount of time writing a lengthy email stating why she would never join this gym.

Thanks for your opinion, but if you’re not coming here, then… Who cares?
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“There’s a battle outside ragin’.
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’.”

-Bob Dylan, Times They Are A Changing

Some of you have noticed that I’ve made some changes around here… most notably the name of the blog. That’s right, this isn’t “The New Polymath” anymore. While I still really like that name and think it says a lot, I’ve realized that if I have to explain what a Polymath is to almost everyone that I talk to about my spot… then maybe it’s not the world’s best name.
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