I just had lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants, Miguel’s, which is a killer Mexican place here in Bangor. In addition to the usual Mexican restaurant stuff they serve a Paleo menu (love the cauli-rice), a great steak, and locally grown, organic greens. That and they actually grow their own peppers and tomatoes for salsa on the roof!

Combine that with great staff and you’ve got a pretty awesome place. If you’re one of the lucky few to attend Elliot Hulse’s Northeast seminar, here in Bangor, then you might get a chance to try it… *hint hint*

Anyway, so I’m at a booth on the bar side, enjoying my steak (and yes, a beer) with my notebook and smart phone out trying to get some work done (think of it as a “mini-working-vacation”) and there’s this guy at the bar chatting up a stranger.

And he’s got problems.
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Gain muscle and strength fastEveryone wants to get stronger. Everyone loves quick tips. So here’s 10 of them. I’m going to expand on some of these in further posts, but until then take some initiative and implement them into your program where they fit!
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Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. Every year we observe this holiday to remember and thank our military service members, particularly the fallen, who have allowed us to have the greatest country in the world. It’s through their service and sacrifice that we enjoy the freedoms that most of us take for granted, let alone the ones that we recognize.

Memorial Day has also come to encompass remembering all of our loved ones who’ve passed, regardless of military service. In my mind, this is also important. I’m not one to live in the past anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve turned my back on those who’re no longer with me. I love and miss all of you.
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build muscle lose fat fastI had a meeting today with one of my consultation clients and as is often the case, our conversation revolved around one of the biggest issues I see when people want to get strong, lean, and be bad mothers.

*****by that I mean “Bad Mothers” in the Samuel L. Jackson sense, not like the Dateline sense… which pretty much just takes some cocaine and a drug-dealer boyfriend.*****

Anyway, this guy wants to be the biggest, baddest, and leanest dude on the block.  He’s already big as hell, pretty strong, and athletic.  Those parts are covered.  Now it’s time to get him shredded.

He’s been dieting for a while (successfully) but now has hit a bit of a plateau.  The fat just isn’t coming off anymore.  Needless to say, he’s frustrated.

The thing is, he’s doing everything right.
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free strength and conditioning workoutI don’t share my workouts often, but every once in a while I open the vault and put one out there. Today is one of those days.

As some of you know, I run my business out of a local (and very good) Crossfit facility. Once per week I take over all of their classes with an “Underground Strength Day” (so named because of my certification with Zach Even-esh). My objectives on this day are as follows:
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Not him, but close.

I was dog-sitting over the weekend, which is a nice way of saying that I was spoiling the crap out of someone else’s dog. I’m good like that.

It worked out for both of us; He was able to give me feedback on my cooking (apparently I can throw down in the kitchen) and I was able to give him his medicine.

That’s right, the pooch was a little sick.
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live life aggressively aggression mindsetI spent my birthday weekend around a bunch of very successful fitness entrepreneurs talking shop on business, lifestyle, and of course getting amazing results for our clients.

There was lots of wisdom in the room and some killer “nuts and bolts” info shared about autoresponders, calling services, delegating logistics tasks, running a smooth business where your clients have fun, etc. That was all great stuff.

What really stood out to me, though, wasn’t the knowledge of these guys…
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kettlebell turkish get-up variationHope your day is going well. It’s bright and sunny here, and after a long winter, let me assure you that this weather is a welcome thing!

I’ve heard a couple of people talking lately about how even though they’re seeing great results in the gym… they’re bored with just doing the basic exercises.

I have to be honest, I don’t know as though there’s anything boring about getting bigger, stronger, and more jacked. If the basics were getting me there I’d just hammer the hell out of them before I tried to get tricky, myself.

However, I do appreciate coming into the gym and playing around a little. So I was scrolling through my old raw video footage and found a good one: The Chaos-style Turkish Get-up.
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It’s Monday, that means that it’s time to make it happen.

Everyone gets fired up on Mondays. Ask anyone who’s ever been in a gym and they’ll tell you what the busiest day of the week is… Monday.

That’s because everyone’s trying to make up for their sins of the weekend.

Everyone has done some soul searching on Sunday and decided that this is the time it’s going to change.
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I was recently asked by a client for my number one tip on success, be it changing their physique, life, or performance. I had to stop and think for a minute. First, I realized that I have pretty awesome clients that ask questions like that, and then I started to go through some possibilities in my head.

I mean, there’s the usuals… Eat right, move big weight, be consistent, get some sleep, get a little (or a lotta) sumpin’ on the reg, stop being a bitch, and so on.

But then it hit me. All of those are symptoms of success. They are the building blocks, but they’re not the root.

So my number one tip for making everything happen?
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