There are a handful of questions that I get as a trainer on a regular basis. Easily among the top two or three is “What supplements should I be taking?”.

In my experience this question comes from one of three places.

Number One: The person who has a goal, be it losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing or reducing body hair, or making their jungle parts the stuff of legend, and wants it NOW and with minimal effort.

Number Two: The person who is already taking some sort of exotic rare bird paste and wants me to back up what the crackpot at the hippie Health Food Store/Supplement Store/Witchdoctor said.
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Since it’s the time of year where lots of people are starting their fitness programs, I thought that I’d do what I do best: Observe the flaws in what most people do, point them out in a vaguely insulting manner, and try to prove that I’m only a little bit of a dick by providing solutions.

As most of my clients will agree, I’m sweet like that.

So here’s the deal. You have joined your local sweat factory and started working out. You want to be strong, fit, healthy, and all that good stuff. We get it. That’s what you tell people.

But what you really mean is:
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A little over a month ago I had something happen here at the gym that I don’t experience very often. I had someone join, come in for one session, and quit.

I know this isn’t an earth-shattering event and it happens all of the time in most gyms and training facilities. But it doesn’t happen at Relentless. It doesn’t happen to me.
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It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes a new 90-Day Challenge at Relentless Strength Training!

The last 90-Day Challenge was a SMASHING success! Goals fell left and right, everything from Kathryn killing FOUR big barbell PR’s, to Sasha hitting ten chin-ups in a set, on to ‘Mo and April hammering their weight loss goals. That’s just four of the many who ended the year better than they started.

Well, here’s your chance to join in and kick 2013 off like you know you should.
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The end of a year brings about a natural period of reflection and introspection. Depending on how the past year went it also can bring a flash of optimism, satisfaction, relief, soothing nostalgia, or self-loathing. As I sit here at my warm, dry desk on the final weekend of 2012, listening to Nirvana, and watching a light snowstorm coming down out the window to my right I’m feeling a little bit of all of those things.

Which must mean that it’s been a pretty successful year, as those feelings tend only to come from action and change.

2012 was one of the most intense years of my life. I’ve grown and changed in ways that I would have found unbelievable twelve short months ago. I’ve had terrific ups and equally-crushing downs, both professionally and personally. I’m staring at the last wisps of December from the eyes of ten times the man that looked into the preceding January.
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It’s time to finish up my killer interview with strength coach Joe Meglio! Today we’re talking nutrition, supplements, and what it takes to hit the next level. If you missed the first part of the interview, make SURE you check it out here.

Isaac: I agree 100% with you regarding speed and mobility. Let’s jump over to the nutrition side of things. I’ve known you for quite a while now and you’ve been able to gain strength, muscle, and still perform at a high level while staying pretty lean. How, in a nutshell, do you do it?
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Everyone needs a good pump-up speech once in a while, and nobody does it like Ray Lewis.

He’s pissed off for greatness, and if Lewis is pissed off, you’d better pay attention.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. What would you do if there was no tomorrow? What are you holding in the tank?


I’m back with another round of interview questions with Coach Joe Meglio, head coach at the Underground Gym in Edison, NJ, and one of the top rising stars of the fitness industry. If you missed the first interview, make SURE you check it out here.

All right, let’s get right into it!
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In the animal world, there’s a natural order of things. Animals are put in basic classes based largely on what they eat and how they do it.

In general it goes a little something like this:
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I get a lot of questions over the day and one that comes up fairly regularly is “how often should I deadlift?”. Well, the short and unsatisfying answer is like everything else in life: “It depends.”

There are a variety of factors that are going to have to be considered, such as:
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