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A while back I was chatting about life and our current culture with one of my clients. This guy is one of the most successful and yet wise and down to earth guys I’ve ever met. He’s lived hard and he’s lived easy. He’s a guy who’s largely made his life into what he wants. He trains his ass off with me and at almost 50 years old and with a lifetime collection of injuries that should almost put him in a wheelchair he’d run 98% of 20 year-olds into the ground on will alone.

He said to me “You know, a while back you said one of the most pivotal things of our relationship and you probably don’t even realize it”. He was right, I couldn’t imagine what I’d said that was so profound, so I had to ask him to clue me in.

“Own it”

Early in our training cycle he was busting through a set and having to start to dig deep and I told him to “Push it. Get after it. Own it!”. He said that he realized that fitness and everything else was all about “owning it”.

He’s absolutely right.

You need to own your life. Own your decisions. Own what happens to you. I look around and most of what I see are people who don’t own a damn thing. Instead they look for the most convenient excuse. They look for what other people are doing to them.

Every day I talk with addicts, ex-cons, and various people down on their luck by virtue of the gym I train my clients at. I can tell you within minutes of meeting a new one whether or not they’re going to be successful at turning their life around (I’d estimate it at about one in 20) by virtue of how they describe their situation. Not that I particularly care about their situation, but they all seem to feel the need to tell you about it.

The ones that are going to turn things around own their life and their decisions. They may talk about what’s going on and their past, but they speak about it in terms of that they messed up, they made a bad decision, they let other people direct them, etc. They aren’t the ones who blame things on their bad childhood, how the “pigs set them up”, or that crazy bitch ex-girlfriend who pressed charges. Instead they admit their mistakes and talk about how they’re learning from that and improving so as to not do it again. Those people, as long as they stick with their course of improvement, will eventually be successful… because they’ve owned their life.

Probably you’re thinking that this doesn’t apply to you. I mean, chances are you’re not an addict, ex-con, or particularly down on your luck. Maybe not, but I don’t see many guys who are really taking charge of their life, either. Instead they simply go to some job where they’re told what to do. Then they come home and do nothing but watch TV (or surf the internet reading blogs) where they’re accomplishing nothing. Or they have some woman/friend/parent in their life who directs the bulk of their actions. They don’t own shit about their life, and as a result, will never have the life that they want.

You make your own decisions. Own them.

Are the decisions you’re making directing you towards the life you want and dream about? Own them.

Nobody grinds harder in a small business than the owner, and that’s for a reason. It’s because they own it. Well, your
life is your”small business”. Start owning it.

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