Nutrition for Men: Stop Eating Like Crap


Picking up chicks with your nutrition plan?

I’m a little pissed off, so let’s talk nutrition and all this bullshit that comes along with it.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been dieting lately to lean down. I talked a little bit about how I’ve been doing it in my interview with Chris Beardsley. Anyway, this weekend in Jersey I officially (and intentionally) went off the wagon. I used my weekend as a mental break from all things dieting and what was going on back home. I didn’t train, I ate a bunch of crap, and I just focused on learning, building my business, and having fun.

I like to do this once in a while as it’s a good break. I often coincide unstructured eating for periods of travel so that I don’t feel pressured plus it allows me to take in the local food (which is almost always bad for you). In this case, I was a little disappointed with some of the meals I had in Jersey. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great, and as you all know there are some great eats in Jersey.

So, while being tits-deep in burgers, pizza, fries, and beer I had some great conversations about eating with the guys I was hanging out with. All of us are fitness pros, so we deal with both our own nutrition and clients’ on a regular basis. We talked a lot about how to eat on a regular basis in order to get or stay lean and strong.

It came down to one thing, and all of us are pissed:

If you want to be strong, lean, and be both built and move like a bad-ass then STOP EATING CRAP.

Every damn day I have people come up to me in the gym and ask “what should I eat for XXXX” or “YYYY is good for you, right?”


Are you the type of guy who says he wants to look a certain way, but isn’t going to put in the work to get there? Being big, strong, and lean doesn’t come by accident for most of us, and for those it does… Well, they don’t ask those type of questions.

When I answer the questions, I usually get this type of response:

“Man… I’m busy at work and gotta grab something on the run”

“Dude, I just don’t have time to cook”

“Vegetables suck!”

“Nutrition is so complicated!”

Well, guess what, fatty? Today’s your lucky day. I’m going to give you the quick and simple version of getting lean.

1. Don’t eat processed crap. That’s right. It’s time to give up the microwave pizzas, burritos, cereals, candy, and other junk.

2. Eat good quality protein with every meal. Eggs, meat, legumes (beans, etc).

3. Eat vegetables with every meal. Fries are not vegetables.

4. Eat some quality carbohydrates around your workout. Sweet potatoes, fruit, legumes, and occasionally oats or rice if you can handle grains.

5. Before you eat anything at all, ask yourself “Is this food going to make me better or make me worse?”

That's food to grow on, right there!

That’s it. Can I make it a lot more complicated? Sure. But until you get the above five rules down, the extra tweaks we add aren’t going to matter.

If you adhere to what I just wrote you will:

-Lose fat.
-Gain muscle.
-Feel better.
-Look better.
-Attract more women.
Chicks eat vegetables. They think dudes that take care of themselves are awesome. Trust me, it works.

Post up your best nutrition strategy below. Or, if you want the abuse, give some lame-ass excuse as to why you can’t adhere to a good nutrition plan!

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September 6, 2012

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January 26, 2011

Rebecca @ 6:31 pm #

Isaac, great post but you forgot the most important rule: if you eat less calories than you use, you will loose weight. Actually, it’s the only way to loose weight. First law of thermodynamics baby! Of course there are healthier options that don’t include processed, high salt food etc.

Chad @ 6:46 pm #

The “I don’t have time” excuse is crap. Case in point – I work full time and go to law school part time so “free time” is a magical fabled concept to me. I just cook a meal that serves 4-6 on Fri/Sat/Sun nights, split up the portions, stick them in tupperware and toss in the freezer. Voila, lunches/dinners for the week are done. Most all of the stuff I cook are from Rachel Ray one-pot-style recipes. Yeah, she’s obnoxious as the day is long, but her 30-min meals are effin brilliant and the recipes are easy and damn tasty(I will proudly admit I have 3 of her books. I’m also the envy of my office when I’m heating up lunch and people are constantly saying, “OMG that smells so GOOD!”). Plus you can frig around with the recipes, adjusting the carbs and/or the meat up/down. Don’t wanna by the books? (you’re welcome).

Isaac @ 8:58 pm #

Becca: You’re absolutely right! I just didn’t want to get into calorie counting in this post to keep it simple. Also, I find that cleaning up the diet usually does a pretty good job with the initial calorie drop.

Chad: Only by virtue of you being awesome are you allowed to get away with posting a Rachel Ray link on my blog!

You’re definitely right on with the large portions cooked and stored. That’s precisely how you get by with a busy schedule but keeping yourself on track.

I may not be built like Isaac (think of mating a Buick and a gorilla), but I am not a skinny little dude anymore (thanks in large part to Isaac). I still have the issue of eating so I “Don’t” lean out. I have found that waking up ten minutes earlier means I can make a big enough second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, and before dinner snack to keep me from losing weight and keep me gaining strength. My fail safe is a big bag of raw nuts, dried fruit, and ultra-dark chocolate. If I am ultra-busy I eat that until I have time to sit down to eat a meal.

My wife enjoys cooking, and she is amazing at it. So I have gotten some gastronomical (real word) meals over the last year, and learned to cook a few of my own. Like Chad pointed out; make your meals. Simple recipes are best, learn to use spices and your meals will never be boring. Plus the ladies will dig your kitchen skills.

January 27, 2011

Isaac @ 2:52 pm #


You know, I’d never thought of my physique that way, but it sounds sexy when you say it.

I didn’t address the other side of the coin (having to eat to keep weight on) in the article as I was more going for a quality of food angle, but you’re absolutely right. Whether you need to eat more or less for your goals, the important things are planning and making good decisions.

And yes, ladies dig guys who can cook.

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