New Year – New 90 Day Challenge!


It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes a new 90-Day Challenge at Relentless Strength Training!

The last 90-Day Challenge was a SMASHING success! Goals fell left and right, everything from Kathryn killing FOUR big barbell PR’s, to Sasha hitting ten chin-ups in a set, on to ‘Mo and April hammering their weight loss goals. That’s just four of the many who ended the year better than they started.

Well, here’s your chance to join in and kick 2013 off like you know you should.

90 days is plenty of time to make some real, honest changes in your life. By taking it one day at a time you use small steps to add up to big results.

As we have a pretty wide variety of clientele at Relentless, it wouldn’t best serve us to set a purely weight loss, strength gain, or any other single-objective contest. So your goals can be whatever will make YOU better. Here are some ideas:

-Lose fat
-Gain muscle
-Improve a measurable fitness quality (strength, speed, etc)
-A certain number of reps of an exercise you have a hard time with every day
-Conquering your nutrition vices one day at a time
-Performing your daily mobility and prehab work
-Getting in a certain number of workouts before the end of the year.

Be realistic don’t try and do something crazy, but push yourself. Ah, Hell. Do something crazy if you’ve got the balls to do it!

Do the right things often enough and they become good habits.

Here’s how you join:

1. Make sure you “Like” Relentless Strength Training.

2. Then post up your goal to this thread on the page. I’ll compile them and put them on a board in the gym. Make sure that they are measurable, such as train X sessions per week, perform Y push-ups per day, spend 10 minutes foam rolling, or lose Z% body fat. You can have multiple goals.

3. There will be weekly check-ins to hold yourself accountable.

4. Find a friend to buddy with. Make sure they “Like” Relentless Strength Training and send in their goals, too. Any challenge is easier if you have someone supporting you!

Two more things:

1. Since it “starts” tomorrow then all entries will be accepted for the next week.

2. Prizes? I think we should have a vote and pick the top three transformations. What would inspire you? Comment below!

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January 7, 2013

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January 7, 2013

Moe @ 2:21 pm #

Over all –a lifestyle transformation would be best. Let someone share how much it changed them, inside as well as outside–hell, even just inside!

Isaac @ 2:25 pm #


January 8, 2013

Christy @ 1:42 am #

30 plus min physical activity/day
Eat healthy BF/Lunch, rather than all at once at end of day when starvation hits

January 9, 2013

Isaac @ 8:12 pm #


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