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This past Saturday I had kind of a “Dump Day”. Basically that’s a term (shamelessly stolen from Paul Reddick) I use when referring to scheduling a day to run around and get all errands done so that your other days can be put to productive use. Actually, I should probably write a post on the art of the Dump Day (*tucks that one away for the future*), but today is not that day.

So I slept in all the way until about 6:30 on Saturday and then started cranking. I got some laundry going, wrote a little bit, read some articles, and just basically decompressed from the week. Once it got close to business hours I started the Dump Day activities: Haircut, oil change in the truck, Dick’s, and grocery shopping. Basically, I was one domestic sonofabitch.

After the grocery store I swung through the local chain bookstore to pick up a book for a friend. I usually am an Amazon guy, but in this case I wanted the book for this weekend. I gotta say that my mood was pretty good. Here I was riding around on a sunny day with no hard schedule, feeling so fresh and so clean with a new haircut, and roaming around a bookstore, which is sort of like my candy shoppe. Things were pretty good.

After some browsing I made my way to the checkout happily carrying my intended book and a few others I couldn’t resist; which is one of the reasons I stay out of bookstores. As I near the counter there are two cashiers in a discussion, one is a cute girl and the other is some Alan-from-the-Hangover-looking screwball. Upon my arrival Cute Chick says “Oh, come right up!”. Score.

Then she walks off, leaving me with Alan.



Such is life, so I go up to the counter with my stack of goodies where he asks how I’m doing. I respond that I’m doing very well, like I’m supposed to. Then, as society dictates, I ask him how he’s doing.

*Cue long (as in about ten seconds) dramatic pause while looking away and to the right.*

Return eye contact. “Mediocre”.

Now this is where I just about hit the roof. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I really don’t enjoy talking to customer service staff in shops because I despise small talk. I’d rather shop, say thank you, and leave. So for me to engage him even this much was unusual. Then for him to buck social norms and bring mediocrity to the day totally annoyed me. I felt that his pattern had to be broken.

My response: “Excellent!”

He looked pretty confused, and said “No, I said ‘mediocre'”.

Me: “I know. And I said ‘Excellent!'”.

Him: “It’s excellent that I’m mediocre?”

Me: “Yep! Things could always be worse, and if you’re comfortable enough that you can come up with a passive word like ‘mediocre’ then I guess you must be doing pretty fucking well!”

Him: “Um, $32.67”

Language has power, people. If you describe yourself or your mood as “mediocre” or worse then that’s what it’ll gravitate towards. If you use a powerful, positive word like “Excellent!” then it’ll start to head there, too. I know this sounds like some hokey crap, but it’s a small change that really works.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. Kick yourself in the ass and start talking some shit!

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May 20, 2013

Maya @ 7:21 pm #

Yes, the power of words! You become what you say – in your mind or express in words. I should practice speaking more uplifting positive words.

Kathryn @ 11:54 pm #

Timely for me 🙂 Thanks!

May 25, 2013

Gaz @ 12:10 pm #

How right you are, we are what we speak, negativity is not allowed to live in my home it has been banned for a couple of years now and I don’t miss it at all. I will be honest while Im asleep at night I think it creeps back in cause I wake in the morning feeling it there but straight away I go open the front door and say Out you go you not welcome in my home, and that is how I deal with it and it WORKS

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