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In the animal world, there’s a natural order of things. Animals are put in basic classes based largely on what they eat and how they do it.

In general it goes a little something like this:

At the bottom of the food chain you’ve got the prey animals. These are the herbivores, both large and small. They’re fairly numerous, tend to herd together, and are energy “factories” in that they take raw materials (plants) and condense them into more efficient energy sources: protein and fat.

Next you’ve got the scavengers. These creatures roam around looking for dead things that others have left and clean up the scraps. They tend to be resourceful, able to roll with the punches, and other than squabbling with each other generally avoid conflict.

Then there are the opportunity hunters. This group sort of bleeds into the scavengers and vice-versa. They don’t tend to aggressively hunt down and chase prey, instead they’ve adapted to waiting for what comes along and grabbing it.

Finally you’ve got the true predators. These animals, just like the others, have a wide variety of characteristics, but the central fact is that they actively seek out their prey and eat through their own means.

Ok, so why the basic ecology lesson? It’s been my observation that people aren’t really much different.

Most people are in the Herd. That’s not really an insult; they may be perfectly nice people. Regardless of their value, the fact remains that they generally do what everyone else does, work to keep the gears of society going, and do their best to not really stand out. They have weddings, birthday parties, take yearly vacations, suffer relatively benign mid-life crises, and generally go about their business of filling out TPS reports without major incident.

Next up are the scavengers. These people live on the outskirts of the Herd. They don’t really provide much value to the Herd, but in general they don’t harm it, either. They wander around and take what they can without incident. They’re pretty much dependent on others producing things and once those producers have had their fill they’ll take the rest.

After that are the opportunists. These are the people who want more from life than the Herd, and recognize that there is more, but aren’t really going to go after it. Life is full of opportunities. If you wait around long enough one will swing your way if you’re ready to grab it. That’s not really a bad thing, but you don’t get a whole lot of choice in that opportunity.

Take what's yours.

And then there’s those who go out there and make it happen. Like a true predator, they’ll grab an opportunity when it presents itself, but if nothing is just sitting in their path then they’ll go out and find something.

The difference between man and beast is that man has the unique ability to see where he stands in this hierarchy and then change his position if he wants to. Most will chose the Herd option because it’s the path of least resistance and, unlike the animal kingdom, it’s very unlikely someone will ACTUALLY eat you.

Most who look to ascend beyond that will end up at the opportunist hunter level. This I can’t agree with. I mean, you see that there’s a way to get what you want, but you’re still going to be lazy enough to only go half-way and settle for what easily presents itself? That’s weak.

Since you have the right to choose where you go in this world, why not go to the top of the pyramid? Decide on your objective and then hunt, stalk, and tackle it as like a cheetah on a gazelle.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. You could be the King of the Jungle. Prove it.

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October 24, 2012

Frank @ 12:11 pm #

Well-said, Isaac!
I remember during my days as a Paratrooper, when the green light came on and the Jump Master yelled, “Go!”, there was no hesitation.
No second thoughts, no delay, just action.
I always said you can’t jump half way out of a plane.

Isaac @ 4:43 pm #

Ha! I love that, Frank: “You can’t jump halfway out of an airplane.” That’s some truth right there!

March 5, 2013

Becky @ 6:54 am #

Interesting you talk about the herd. If you’ve ever read Aldous Huxley’s Brave new world you might remember him talking about why people go to parties. It’s mainly because like a herd of cows they actually are subconsciously sniffing each other. Weird but possibly true.

Isaac @ 1:10 pm #

Interesting, Becky. I have read Brave New World, but it has been quite a while, as I don’t remember that particular scene. Maybe it’s time to reread it!

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