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After a conversation while out to dinner this weekend one of the other trainers at the gym, Tony (he of the uncontrollably attractive ponytail… just ask him) posted up a killer video on my Facebook wall. In the brief clip Sylvester Stallone talks about “the switch” that happens when it’s time to go from having fun to making things happen.

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Check it out:

After you realize that he’s talking about one of the great Man Movies of American cinema, Over the Top, pay attention to what he says about “The Switch”.

The Switch happens when you go from thinking about doing something, or how hard something is, or the challenges in front of you, and just do it. Whether we’re talking about an athletic, career, or personal pursuit, it’s like finding another mental gear. The objective becomes king, and every obstacle is simply that: An obstacle that will be overcome.

While The Switch can sometimes be a negative if it’s not used properly, I don’t know of any great athletes or people who don’t know how to trip their switch and get things done when they need to. Maybe it’s a mental mantra, a vision of success or failure, or perhaps it’s a certain song, or even just the opening whistle of competition. Whatever it is, when the successful want to take it to another level, they hit The Switch.

He wanted to take Fedor's dinner...

Fedor Emelianenko, one of Mixed Martial Arts’ greats, talks about growing up poor and hungry in Russia. He says that when he’s preparing himself to fight he thinks about how the man across the ring from him is trying to take away all of the success and money he’s made. He thinks about how that man is trying to put him back into a place where he’s cold, poor, and starving again. He thinks about how he will not allow that to happen… and The Switch is hit.

For me, when it’s time to get to work I put the hood up and crank The Veer Union’s Darker Side of Me.

It’s Make It Happen Monday – Find the trigger to your “Switch”, and make something happen.

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March 7, 2012

Barb Prentiss @ 12:37 am #

Hi Isaac,

I so enjoy reading this site…I’m not sure what my switch is. I am not competitive so it’s not that. What I am fascinated with is the potential strength the body can achieve and perhaps that is what I strive for. In my everyday life I can see what can make things better and try to do it. I do wish I had that ” turn of the hat” switch but mine is much more subdued….I tend to refer back to my favorite quote from a woman homesteader. In the late 1800’s she packed up herself and child and moved to “the west”…started from scratch ..from nothing..found the strength to build a home and live off the land..relying on help from a few but knowledgeable other homesteaders and did it and she was happy!..her quote…” those who try know that strength and knowledge come with doing”….I think that is me…as subdued as that may be…! It won’t make me an Olympian but I will have gained much. Well…Isaac thanks for reading my blah,blah…but you did make me think…see you soon.

Isaac @ 4:10 pm #

Hey Barb!

Thanks, as always, for reading!

I’ve seen you flip. I haven’t really figured out the trigger 100% yet, either, but there’s a definite change in you when you stop trying to do something and just decide to do it. It’s awesome to watch!

Not everyone needs to make training into some sort of loud, hyper-emotional (at least outwardly) thing. Instead they should be true to themselves and just get after it in their own way!


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