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I had something I’ve been planning to talk about today for a while but I’m afraid it’s going to have to wait. Last night I had a discussion that quite frankly pissed me off a bit but also teaches a pretty good lesson, so that’s what I want to address today.

Ok, so The Woman is looking for a trainer. The first question I’m sure you have is: “Why doesn’t she train with you?“. Fair question. There’s a couple of reasons. First of all, we live far enough apart to make that inconvenient. Second, and most importantly: Training your significant other rarely works out well. (All you veteran trainers out there are nodding your head.) Some things just plain don’t mix, and the romantic and training relationship is usually a combo that provides more friction than success.

Anyway, so with that in mind, she is looking for a trainer in her neck of the woods. Unfortunately, this is a fairly small pond, so to speak. To further complicate matters, she has a reasonably substantial injury that will take some careful planning around further complicated by some real-world consequences if it gets screwed up. Not that she can’t work hard, but any coach that does work with her needs a pretty solid grasp of corrective exercise, functional anatomy, coaching psychology, and good old common sense to not only get results, but keep her injury-free AND most importantly keep her hard-charging self from injuring it on her own.

So over the course of our discussion of this I gave her some stuff to look for in a trainer and said that I’d prefer to chat with anyone she contemplates working with.

Makes sense, right? A professional to professional discussion?

Apparently not.

She gets one guy on the phone, who apparently knows who I am, and when she said that I’d like to have a discussion with him regarding her situation she was quickly told that he wasn’t comfortable with that.


Not comfortable with a professional discussion regarding a special-case client?

I mean, I would want nothing more than to hear from a client or potential client’s doctor, Physical Therapist, Chiro, or former trainer. As a matter of fact, I make those calls all the time. That way we’re a TEAM to do what’s best for the client.

To not want to talk to another professional… Not only is that usually fear speaking, but it’s just plain making things more complicated. Let’s say you don’t know anything about cars. Yours starts acting up, so you bring it in to a mechanic and say “it’s running funny“. Holy crap. The poor mechanic is going to have a headache just imagining the diagnostics he’s going to have to do.

However, imagine if you came in and said “My uncle is a mechanic and over the phone he thought it might be XXXX or YYYY“. Now, the mechanic doesn’t know if your uncle is full of shit or not, but now he at least has a starting point and probably has shaved an hour or two off his labor. Life is easier for everyone.

Ok, rant over.

What’s the lesson here? Never turn down information. Don’t let pride or fear get in your way of learning something pertinent to your situation.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. How are you going to kick fear and pride in the nuts, stop letting them hold you back, and improve yourself today?

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