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I just had lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants, Miguel’s, which is a killer Mexican place here in Bangor. In addition to the usual Mexican restaurant stuff they serve a Paleo menu (love the cauli-rice), a great steak, and locally grown, organic greens. That and they actually grow their own peppers and tomatoes for salsa on the roof!

Combine that with great staff and you’ve got a pretty awesome place. If you’re one of the lucky few to attend Elliot Hulse’s Northeast seminar, here in Bangor, then you might get a chance to try it… *hint hint*

Anyway, so I’m at a booth on the bar side, enjoying my steak (and yes, a beer) with my notebook and smart phone out trying to get some work done (think of it as a “mini-working-vacation”) and there’s this guy at the bar chatting up a stranger.

And he’s got problems.

Just ask him and he’ll tell you.

Actually, you apparently didn’t even have to ask him. He was giving the guy next to him an earful despite his obvious lack of engagement.

I felt bad. Obviously all the other guy wanted to do was come in, have a nice lunch, and enjoy a mid-day beer. He was dressed in business casual and I assume was traveling (there are several hotels near by). We all know what it’s like on the road and how sometimes your only sanctuary can be a nearly empty restaurant, great lunch, and a cold drink.

And that was obviously being derailed by The Downer.

They’d just cut his hours at his job (so he’s spending money at the bar drinking on a Monday afternoon?), his old lady was being a bitch, one of his kids might have to repeat the 4th grade, The Government is all screwed up, his back hurt, etc.

Apparently things sucked.

I was sort of annoyed listening to him, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been down.  I’ve been out. I’ve had things go really badly, including some things recently.

But it doesn’t do me any good to sit at a bar at noon on a BEAUTIFUL Monday (seriously, the weather here is to die for today) and bitch at some poor bastard I don’t even know.

You know what I do when things are looking bleak?

I do one thing.

I do one thing that is going to improve my situation in some way.

It doesn’t need to be big. It might be as simple as cleaning up the dishes so I have a clean kitchen to look at. It might be making that irritating phone call I’ve been putting off. In his case it might be dusting off the old resume and finding some places to send it to.

I’ve found if I do one positive thing then it totally changes my mindset. Rather than feeling bad about myself, I start looking for the next positive thing I can do. Again, it might be small, but that doesn’t matter.

If you do enough small things then they add up to something big.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. If you’re down in the dumps then it’s time to get off your ass and DO. ONE. THING.

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June 11, 2012

AJ Mihrzad @ 8:07 pm #

Excellent post got me fired up, 1 thing DONEEE!

Isaac @ 8:47 pm #

Damn straight, AJ! I know you don’t have a problem with negativity and not getting things done!

June 12, 2012

mom @ 2:40 am #

Yeah, that one positive thing usually turns into another for me. It is good to keep it simple sometimes, isn’t it? Great post! Love, Mom.

Isaac @ 10:51 pm #

Thanks Mom! I learned a lot of my positive outlook from you!

Sven @ 6:09 pm #

Great post Isaac,
so much truth in it. Even vacuuming the house does miracles if you’re bummed out. Funny thing, hmm?

Isaac @ 10:51 pm #


Absolutely. Whether the “one thing” you do is actually related to fixing your current problem (although it’s always nice if it is) there’s just something about doing a positive thing of any type that sets in motion another positive thing… and another… and another.

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