Make It Happen Monday – The Aggressive Mindset


live life aggressively aggression mindsetI spent my birthday weekend around a bunch of very successful fitness entrepreneurs talking shop on business, lifestyle, and of course getting amazing results for our clients.

There was lots of wisdom in the room and some killer “nuts and bolts” info shared about autoresponders, calling services, delegating logistics tasks, running a smooth business where your clients have fun, etc. That was all great stuff.

What really stood out to me, though, wasn’t the knowledge of these guys…

As substantial as that knowledge was, instead what stood out to me is that they think differently.

Rather than let life come to them, they meet it on their terms. They live life aggressively

It’s Make It Happen Monday. What in your mindset are you going to change from passive to aggressive?

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April 30, 2012

Frank DiMeo @ 1:50 pm #

Well done, Isaac

Isaac @ 6:17 pm #

Thanks, Frank!

May 15, 2012

Nathan Jordan @ 1:43 am #

Great stuff, short and to the point but definitely something that I needed to hear from someone else. The more I hear things like this the better. Tomorrow’s a new day and I am going to get out of my comfort zone, talk to some new people, create new relationships, and build my business to get what I want.

May 18, 2012

Isaac @ 3:36 pm #

Awesome, Nathan! I’ve often found that the best advice is rarely the longest or the most complicated.

Good luck!

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