Make It Happen Monday – Stop Making Excuses


I put this video up on the Facebook Page a while ago, but after some of the talk I heard this weekend I think it needs to go here, too.

I’m not a big fan of basketball, and Michael Jordan has proved himself to be a monumental douche, but the truth remains that he could straight-up game. He was the best player, at the highest level of his sport, for years. And he worked for it.

People that are at the top of their game are on another level, and it’s very easy for those below them to point out their talents. Spending your time pointing out the winners’ gifts and successes allows you to stay right down where you are: Moderately successful at best or more commonly unsuccessful… and comfortable. It allows you to avoid the hard work necessary to elevate to their level.

That’s Fear Thinking, not Vertebrate Thinking. Fear Thinking has no business in a successful person’s mindset.

Stop that shit right now and sign up on the right to take your game to the next level.

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March 21, 2012

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March 21, 2012

Barb Prentiss @ 12:48 am #

Ok…this is why I like Michael Jordan…you, like all 3 of my kids did not like Michael…I couldn’t understand it…he obviously was amazing…I think he made it look so easy and was so non-chalant that it may have looked like he didn’t care much or was a douche…or made the pros so predictable (boring?) ….I don’t know, but how can you deny that talent….it had to come with hard work….when he changed from basketball to baseball knowing he wasn’t as adept…it had to be out of his comfort zone (unless you think he was just cocky..), I was impressed even though he wasn’t the “greatest” at it…he tried it ’cause he probably always wanted to and went for it. I give him kudos…and I didn’t know I was still so passionate about this subject. I think I just appreciate his talent….and I so like basketball…um… thanks Isaac once again for reading this…and for me one more salute to Michael Jordan and his achievements and what it takes to succeed….point well taken.

Isaac @ 10:50 am #

Well, I don’t like basketball, so that doesn’t help. 😉

As for Jordan, I totally respect his ability. I’m not a fan of him because he’s a pure dick to fans and pretty much everyone else. I give him major props for both his ability but also his willingness to make things happen and, as you say, step out of his comfort zone to pursue his dreams. That much is awesome.


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