Make It Happen Monday – Stop Looking Busy and Start Getting Busy


Want to hear one of the biggest trainer prick quotes I’ve dropped in my career? Of course you do.

*****First, before you hear it and get all up in arms, the back story:

I was talking with one of my interns last year and he asked me “Isaac, why do you mostly just train athletes and fitness people, given that the fat loss market is so much bigger?” (paraphrased).

I thought about it for a second, and here’s what I came up with:

“Fat loss people are different than athletes. Athletes are looking to training to improve. (Most) Fat loss people aren’t really trying to get better. They’re looking for the excuse so that they can be let off the hook. ‘See, I’m trying to lose fat, and it’s just not working!'”

Now, before you get all up in arms if you’re someone who’s trying to lose fat, hear me out. This is a quote off the cuff talking to a friend/student of mine who’s also a professional in the field, so we can take some creative licenses with the absolutes.

There are many people who’ve made the decision to lose their extra body fat, done the work, and totally changed their life. They’re not the people I’m talking about. But am I that wrong in most cases?

I assure you, I’m not.

Athletes, at least successful ones, are in the gym busting their ass to get better because they want to dominate on the field, claim their place at the top of the medal stand, and know that they’re lords of their domain. They know, without doubt, that their opponents are training to run them into the ground. They know that if they don’t train hard, they will be run into the ground by those opponents.

They show up to the gym, the training field, the dinner table, with an objective and a goal. They know exactly what the prize is and they freaking want it.

I rarely see the same fire in “fat loss clients”, and that’s why I rarely take them on. It’s not because I’m a jerk (although there are a long line of women out there that would debate that, I’m sure). It’s not because I can’t train them. It’s not even because I don’t like training them. Trust me, one of my clients (who has CRUSHED her fat loss goals) just came in and said that she fit into her smallest skirt and looked awesome in it. I was on Cloud 9. I mean, I love hearing that like Kim Kardashian loves hearing “Black AmEx”.

Instead of the aggressive fire of the athletes, many fat loss gym members show up only to say they “went to the gym” so that people will leave them alone as they leave the grocery store with a cart full of junk. And you know what? They get exactly where they deep down, really want to go… Nowhere.

So my question is this:

Are you actually working towards your goals, or are you just talking about your goals and creating a bunch of busy work so you can show people that you’re “doing something”?

Ok, so I guess sometimes you need to look busy.

I’m not just talking fat loss here, although that made a great example. I see the same shit happen in business all the time. Hell, I’ve DONE IT for years, myself! I see it happen in relationships. I see it happen in the classroom and at the work place.

Lots of people spend more energy looking busy than they would if they actually got busy.

So ask yourself if you’re really doing what you need to be doing, or are you faking the funk?

If so, stop trying to look busy and get busy.

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February 21, 2012

Angie @ 3:30 pm #

Thanks for the shout!!!

Isaac @ 5:24 pm #

Keep rocking it, Ang!


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