Make It Happen Monday – Quitters


A little over a month ago I had something happen here at the gym that I don’t experience very often. I had someone join, come in for one session, and quit.

I know this isn’t an earth-shattering event and it happens all of the time in most gyms and training facilities. But it doesn’t happen at Relentless. It doesn’t happen to me.

There’s a couple of reasons why it doesn’t happen. First of all, I interview pretty hard before I allow someone into the Relentless Family. I only want people who are receptive to making a change and who are going to be valuable, caring, and passionate members of the community. Not soft and fluffy, by any means, but if you don’t have any passion, then this isn’t the place.

Second, I work really hard at getting into the why that someone is there. If you and the client understand the why then real change is possible. One of my mentors is fond of the phrase “change starts with the truth“, and while the truth is often a bitter pill to choke down, it is how change starts.

This time I got snowed. This person came in, said the right things, had the right aspirations (adult athletics and some fat loss), had a great evaluation, and even did a great job in the first session. I was pretty stoked for them being here, to be honest. After no-showing for the next session I received an email that they were “wimping out” and an address to send the refund check to.

I did my best.

I gave them the weekend to think about it.

I expressed that this change WAS going to be hard, but quitting after a day was precisely the reason why they had failed in the past.

I offered to connect them with a few of my clients who were very similar to them, had gone through the struggles, and would be happy to mentor and support them. *****As a side note, I am so blown away by the community we have here that I HAVE people that are willing to help out like that*****

No dice.

Check was sent, membership was cancelled.

It galled me. Quite frankly it still does. It’s not about the money. There are always more clients and I’m in the fortunate position that any one person’s contract isn’t going to break me. If nothing else it frees up space for someone who wants to be there, of which there are plenty.

No, it’s because I view it as a failure. This person came to me for help, and I wasn’t able to get deep enough into them to help them before they repeated the same pattern they had been in over and over again: Quit.

So what do I think about Quitters?

It’s super-popular for trainers to be all hardcore and shit right now. So I should say that Quitters are the group to be trod upon. They’re food for the Strong. Prey for the Finishers. They’re to be left by the wayside to wallow in their own sorrow and failure while the Successful enjoy the fruits of the world.

And I’m not going to lie, there’s some part of me that feels that disdain.

But not most of me. Most of me feels sorry for the Quitters. I feel sorry because they haven’t evolved yet, and I know where they are. You see, I’ve quit things before I should have. So have you. So has every hardcore douchebag out there that wants to put up a brave front to blow and bluster from.

We’ve all been Quitters.

Quitting is easy. Sure, things might suck in your current situation. Right now everyone who started their big New Year’s Get-Less-Fat Plan is sore as hell. It’d be pretty easy to quit. I mean, being fat and weak sucks, but you’re used to that, right?

Guess what? My veteran clients, all of whom used to be in far worse shape than they are now, are sore right now, too. Maybe not as sore as they used to be, but probably still sore. And they don’t quit. They don’t quit because they’ve stopped quitting. They decided that being a Quitter was MORE painful than being a little sore and having the body they want.

That’s the difference. Until a Quitter realizes that continuing to quit is going to be more painful than change, they won’t leave that big, soft, morose Failure and Regret Club. They won’t pack up their bags, grab their safari hat, sharpen their machete, and step off the well-traveled, easy path into the Wilds of Challenge.

So if you’ve been quitting for far too long, here’s your chance to change.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. If you’re even thinking about quitting, then your current club sucks, and you know it. Change teams.

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