Make It Happen Monday – No More Ruts


It’s Monday, that means that it’s time to make it happen.

Everyone gets fired up on Mondays. Ask anyone who’s ever been in a gym and they’ll tell you what the busiest day of the week is… Monday.

That’s because everyone’s trying to make up for their sins of the weekend.

Everyone has done some soul searching on Sunday and decided that this is the time it’s going to change.

That is, until Tuesday. Or Wednesday. And definitely by Thursday people are ready to drop off.

Then they’re into “screw it” mode on Friday and Saturday, wallowing in self-disgust on Sunday (unless it’s football season, then Friday and Saturday continue) and then back to feeling guilty on Monday.

If you’re stuck in this rut, like most people, it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you to “just do it” and change your pattern. Which is, of course, what you need to do.

It’s not really that easy, though, is it?

Getting out of a pattern is tough, but it gets a whole lot easier if you’re following a plan.

I mean, it’d be awfully hard to bake a cake for the first time without having a recipe, right? I love to cook, but I’m pretty sure I’d make a piss-poor cake if I didn’t have a plan to follow. Betty Crocker would be ashamed, that’s for sure.

When you have a plan you don’t have to build up new motivation and fire every day, you just need to check your next step off the list. After that, it’s like dominoes.

It’s Make It Happen Monday, get a plan.

Need a plan, from start to finish, on getting lean, fit, and feeling better than ever? The Athlete Reborn is exactly what you’re looking for.

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