Make It Happen Monday – New Year’s Resolutions Suck


It’s the second of January. The first “real” day of the New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to piss in someone’s corn flakes.

Not only is this the time of year for some bubbly, obnoxious noise makers, questionably-legal-pyrotechnic burns, and poor decision-making, it’s also the time of year that the gyms are packed, cigarettes are crumpled, and vices are emphatically thrown down. Yippee.

Many people are making the New Year’s resolutions that this is going to be the year they lose weight, start eating better, save money, spend more time with their family, or whatever it is that they have been doing for years and know that they shouldn’t. In most cases, this renewed vigor of cleaner living will last about two weeks… Then enthusiasm will start to wain and before long it’s back to the status quo.


Because most New Year’s resolutions suck, and the way that most people go about achieving them, especially in fitness, totally sucks.

I’ve gotten into goal-setting a bunch of times before, so I won’t beat that into the ground here.

You see, I think it goes beyond basic goal-setting. Since this is by and large a fitness blog, I’ll deal with strength/fitness issues with most resolutions:

Ah, hell. I'd probably buy, too.

What do most people do when they set the “I’m going to get in shape this year!”-type resolution? They join a new gym with a new and cute saleschick (technical industry term), they order a salad for lunch (“dressing on the side, I know the tricks!”), they proudly tell everyone about how “things are different this year” (my resolution is better than your resolution), and so on.

Like I said above, this works for a couple of weeks, and then they fall short. They run into some stumbling block like their kid’s birthday (my father swears that childrens birthdays were outlawed after my birth, anyway), a late meeting at work, or some other convenient excuse and then it’s bring on the beer, pizza, and couch for a return ticket to Fattytown.

What could have gone wrong?

They had the exercise part figured out. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but they were doing a whole hell of a lot more than before.

They had the nutrition part figured out. Again, maybe it wasn’t perfect, but a grilled chicken salad is pretty much always better for you than a double cheeseburger and fries.

So where did things really get offtrack?

It went wrong because they missed the Third Point of the Strength/Fitness Triangle. <- Assume I sounded just like James Earl Jones in an echo chamber when I said that.

There are three things that you need to have in line in order to make a major change in your body, performance, or life. They are an effective, killer training program, fat-shredding and muscle-building nutrition, and a bases-covered, success mindset/lifestyle.

You can make some gains with any two of them, but you’ll never achieve great, lasting results without all three.

And people really fall short on the mindset. They think that because they make some New Year’s resolution that’s so easily broken it’s fodder for stand-up comedians everywhere they’ve somehow made a real shift in their life.


Massive changes in behavior don’t come because the calender turns. They come because you’re sick and tired of being fat, weak, lazy, sick, fugly, squishy, skinny-fat, pushed around, slow, stiff, winded, diabetic, cancer-bait, lame, The Fat Friend, somebody’s hardon-suppression visual, last place, first loser, or a pussy.

Stop making useless resolutions.

Become a Vertebrate and start changing your damn life.

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December 31, 2012

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January 4, 2012

Matt @ 8:49 am #

Isaac, Keep up the good work, Hope you had a good holiday.


January 8, 2012

Isaac @ 2:14 pm #

Thanks, Matt! Great to hear from you!

How’s the hockey season going? You must be as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest!

January 9, 2012

Anthony J. Yeung @ 11:34 pm #

Great post, Isaac. I was thinking the same thing; it seemed a wee-bit pathetic to me when I see people wait for the New Year before they do something constructive.

“Massive changes in behavior don’t come because the calender turns.”

Exactly. I know quite a few people who said, “I’ll quit smoking after New Years.” (or any other shit habit, for that matter) My question to them was, “Why wait? You know it’s bad for you. If you’re letting the calender decide when to quit, you’re only preparing yourself for massive failure.”

January 18, 2012

Isaac @ 6:35 pm #


Exactly. If it’s important enough for you to do, then why isn’t it important enough for you to do today? And in the reverse, if it’s not a big enough deal for you to do today, then chances are it’s not a big enough deal for you to really make a change.

January 10, 2012

Next year is no different than tomorrow. You’re still the same person.
I’m glad someones calling the bullshit!
Great post!

January 18, 2012

Isaac @ 2:39 pm #

Absolutely, man. Right on!

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