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First of all, before I get to today’s Make It Happen Monday, I want to thank you all for voting in the 2011 Rising Stars of the Fitness Industry contest! Thanks to you all I placed in the top 25! I’m humbled, honored, and thankful for all of your support!

Thanks again, and on to today’s lesson!

You know what would be really cool? Being able to do like ten things at once. Being able to do laundry, write an article, read your email, work on that big project for work, plan out a treehouse for your kids, call that prospective client, think about what you’re going to want for dinner, and check up on the latest ass-whooping that Alabama Football (Roll Tide) just delivered.

That would be The Tits.

Oh wait, it already exists? It’s called “multi-tasking”?


If you’re a guy, you suck at multi-tasking. If you’re a woman, you might be marginally better at it, but chances are you suck at it some, too.

See, here’s the deal. Everyone thinks that they are a good multi-tasker. And sure, you can certainly do all of those things and keep the balls in the air. However, are you really doing a decent job of anything other than keeping the balls in the air?

The simple truth is that unless you’re on some genius shit (da Vinci used to be able to write two letters, to two different people (one with each hand) at the same time) then multi-tasking has you spinning your wheels. Instead focus on prioritizing your tasks, putting each one in the sniper scope, and getting it done.

We live in a society today where we’re always connected between cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. While all of this connection and instant information at our fingertips is great, it doesn’t help us stay on task and get things done.

I’m the KING of having multiple Firefox tabs open and always bouncing from page to page, but when I need to get something done (like this article), I shut it all down. Of course I need to leave the computer on but I close my Facebook, email, ESPN scores, inappropriate searches, and everything else. I turn off my cell phone. I close the door. I get rid of anything annoying, like someone playing Justin Bieber music.

I just focus on the task at hand and crush it out.

Trust me, your life is not going to be worse if you don’t see that your friend from Tempe, AZ ate a Spanish omelet (ole!), some chick you never met in the U.K. but friended you anyway put up the 497th picture of her ugly kid, or that irritating bitch at work put up one of those damned “change your status to Save the Nematodes for 17 minutes!” status updates right away. Instead, you’ll have actually accomplished something useful and probably kept at least one brain cell from sucking on the end of a .45.

Look, life can be complicated and there are times when you need to multi-task. However, if you’re going for maximum productivity and accomplishment, it’s not the way to go.

Keep your eyes on the prize and make it happen.

How do you get into your “productivity zone”? Comment below!

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September 20, 2011

MOM @ 12:55 am #

I do have to say that I surely do agree with your wisdom in this article, Isaac. Most of us seem to have to learn the hard way, and we can lose a lot to our ways. I have learned to gather tips from your posts that really do get me into my “productivity zone”. Thanks! LOVE, MOM.

Johan @ 3:58 am #

Thanx for your motivation

Nicholas Barnard @ 6:45 am #

I fully agree with this advice. I’ve been practicing it for a bit, and I’ve even written scripts to quiet all those distractions. It’s quite helpful to actually getting things done.

Isaac @ 11:14 am #

Mom: Thanks for the post. In your case you might need to hide from the dogs!

Johan: Thanks for reading!

Nicholas: Thanks for chiming in, man! As far as writing scripts do you mean like a self-talk script? That sounds like a really cool idea. Care to flesh it out a bit?

Blaine Gilbert @ 2:26 pm #

You are dead on. If you have important things to do turn off the distractions and get it done. This is something I have and am still learning the hard way

Isaac @ 3:49 pm #

Right on, Blaine. You’ve come a long way so far!


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