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If you ask most people why they aren’t as successful as they’d like to be whether it’s business, fitness, relationships, or what-have-you, chances are you’ll get a variety of responses. The usual suspects something like:

-Not enough time/money/help
-Bad luck
-No opportunity
-I’m too short/tall/skinny/fat

Those are BS. Those are all superficial things that either don’t actually matter or can be overcome.

If you press them a bit usually they’ll admit that those aren’t the real reasons that success eludes them. Instead they’ll come up with some variation of “I don’t know how to”.

Well, that’s BS, too. It’s BS because they’re blaming their lack of success on a lack of information. Unless they have some pretty intense goals like revolutionizing the physics world and proving that gravity is a myth then the information is out there. Depending on your goal, in today’s day and age there’s a literal world of information at your fingertips through the internet, books, universities, trade schools, etc. To say you don’t have access to the information you need is a cop-out.

Most people are not successful because of their own damned heads.

It’s not that they don’t want success. I firmly believe that most people want to achieve their goals.

It’s not that they can’t figure out how to get there. As I said above, the information is out there.

It’s because there’s a hateful, sneaky little voice that keeps them bound in.

Author Ramit Sedhi, who has a fantastic personal finance blog that you should check out, calls the manifestations of this voice “Hidden Scripts”.

I like that analogy.

Scripts are pre-determined lines and thoughts that can be memorized and repeated to speed and smooth communication. In the business world we often talk about using scripts to train employees or standardize service. Have you noticed that every time you call your credit card company the person you speak to (obviously a different person and likely foreign) says the same, or very nearly the same, greeting?

That’s because it’s a script.

Sedhi (and I) believe that what’s holding you back is that you, or someone else, has written some scripts in your head.

“I don’t want to sell anything, sales are sleazy”

“If I lose a lot of weight, my friends will treat me differently”

“What if I move and can’t find new friends?”

“What if I take that new job and fail?”

How do you overcome this?

First you need to figure out what you think is standing in the way of your success. Chances are it’s something like I talked about above.

Now you need to decide if that’s an actual barrier (and if so you’ll figure out how to get around it) or if there’s a script in your head that’s keeping you from taking action.

-“I want to make more money, but I hate selling to people.” Really? Providing somebody with an honest, helpful item or service that they want in exchange for fair value is bad?

-“I want to lose this gut, but I don’t have time to work out.” Seriously? You can’t carve out three hours per week for yourself for some focused, progressive training and watch what you eat?

-“I want a girlfriend, but chicks don’t like me. True. Chicks don’t like guys who stay home, hide away from them, and talk them either like their puppy just died, scream of desperation, or consider them adversaries. I’m willing to bet your puppy didn’t just die (and if it did, I’m sorry. You’ll get over it eventually, though), desperation reeks, so stop that, and women can be mysterious creatures at times but you’ll soon learn that they’re awesome.

The final step? Find your scripts and squash them by coming up with positive scripts such as “I have all of the skills and tools I need to accomplish this task” or “I bring a lot to the table, people are lucky to know me”.

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What scripts have been holding you back?

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November 22, 2011

Sam Tweedie @ 1:25 am #

This definitely nails some big points Isaac. I really wanted to drop my body fat percentage but used to pull the same excuses (no time, got other things I want to do, etc. etc.) Finally I just committed to it and in 3 weeks have already made some serious headway towards my goal. Just took me getting out of my own way to quit making excuses and really go for what I wanted. Oh and I’m still making the same massive gains in strength as I was before I started eating less. Just hit a new PR deadlift for 325×5!!!

Isaac @ 7:48 pm #

Awesome, dude! I threw it on the Fan Page ( *wink wink, nudge nudge to all of you out there) but I just started a new program myself after a summer in the doldrums with a shoulder injury. I realized (and this was partially the impetus for this post) that I had been holding myself back from my OWN training by talking about how I was too busy, had too uneven a schedule, still had some injuries, etc.

Basically, I was being a big fat pussy.


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