Make It Happen Monday – Go Ahead, Get Pissed


Towards the end of last week I spent a few moments reflecting on some times in my life and out of the blue I remembered a conversation that I’d pretty much forgotten about but definitely shaped my life. It was early in my training career and I was straight-up struggling. I knew how to train people (although I’m much better now, just like I’ll be much better in a few years) but I just couldn’t convert that knowledge to cash.  Even though I was the best trainer in the facility I was working at, I was dead last (I think, or at least should have been) when it came to number of clients and sales.

I was one of those trainers that had the book knowledge, and even some time under the bar myself, and was full of passion about getting people fit and strong, but I just couldn’t sell. Now, to be a great trainer you don’t need to be a great salesman, but if you can’t sell at all then you don’t have anyone to train. It’s that simple.  This was the shitty situation I was in.

So I went to someone I trusted and expressed my concerns and frustration.

The response?

“You should give up training. You’re too smart to be a trainer and you’re never going to be good at it. Just go back to banking and use that big brain of yours at something you’re good at”.

That’s right, this person made being smart into an insult. Ouch.

I admit it, I thought about quitting right at that moment. But then something else happened…

I got pissed off.

Before you knew it, I was aggressively searching for anyone that could help me with my problem (sales), and trying new things. I was scouring the internet, bootlegging sales tapes (sorry, Mr. Ziglar), watching infomercials, and just talking to people.

Was it an overnight success? No, but I made more progress in the next two or three weeks than I’d made in the entire six months of doldrums and frustration before that.

Did I suddenly get some sort of insight that clued me in? Hell no.

I just got pissed off enough to go get my own damn insight.

So what am I getting at?

What I’m getting at is that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with getting a little angry. With getting a little righteous. Hell, with getting a lot righteous and a lot angry.

In today’s society we’re supposed to be low-key, forgiving, and happy all of the time. We’re not supposed to stand up for ourselves, feel slighted when someone steps on us (because they will), or try to stop someone from taking our rightful seat.

Just like when I wrote about aggression, I believe that a little bit of anger can go a long way towards getting you off your ass and making some changes.

My good buddy Matt Wichlinski actually posted about this same thing on Facebook today:

“Frustration is the first step towards improvement. There’s no incentive to improve yourself if you’re satisfied with where you’re at. Get angry, take action, get better.”

He’s spot on, too. I’d been thinking about righteous anger all weekend while planning post out.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean that Matt and I are psychically-linked, because the world just couldn’t handle that. I think it just means that we’re both sick of the PC-Anger-Free B.S.

Make It Happen Monday? Find your roadblock, get pissed, and demolish that bitch.

Kick, scratch, bite, claw, push, pull, learn, scheme, maneuver, and above all: WIN.

It’s Monday, bitches.

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December 13, 2011

preach on, brother, get righteous. I dig it!

Isaac @ 7:24 pm #

Thanks for chiming in, dude!

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