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A little while back the owner of the Crossfit facility I run my business out of received an interesting and angry email. The woman who wrote it aggressively expressed no desire to join the facility, had never participated in Crossfit, didn’t know the owner personally, and yet was writing an email to say that she was never going to join a facility like that.

Just in case you missed it, I’ll boil it down a bit: This woman spent a fair amount of time writing a lengthy email stating why she would never join this gym.

Thanks for your opinion, but if you’re not coming here, then… Who cares?

Luckily, “M” (the owner) is a bit more diplomatic about these things than I am.

M responded with an intelligent and polite email addressing the woman’s concerns and inviting her to try the place out if she ever changed her mind.

Again, she was rebuffed by an even more rude email. Shocker.

One thing stuck with me about the nasty reply, though. M was told that her reply had confirmed this woman’s perception that her place and groups were “elitist”.

Now, I happen to know that this facility is one of the most open and welcoming I’ve ever been in. “Elitist” isn’t the choice of words I’d use.

That being said, we’ve do have some swagger going on here, and there’s only going to be more in the future. I, for one, think it’s awesome.

Because if you’ve earned it, you deserve to have some swagger.

Between my clients and the Crossfitters, there’s a bunch of people here who are trying their damnest every day to work hard and improve themselves. Not only are they trying, they’re doing.

And that, my friends, gives them the right to be proud of their achievements. It gives them the right to be confident. To have swagger.

Just like you. If there’s something that you’ve worked hard for and as a result are pretty damn good at, there’s no need for false modesty. You don’t need to be a dick and say you’re the best around (especially if you’re not), but confidence is where it’s at.

Elitist? Nah. Just trying to get better every day and damn proud of it.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. What are you going to do to get your swagger on? Post it up below!

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February 13, 2012

Eating Mr.Resistance on a daily basis. Doing my best to out work God.

February 14, 2012

Isaac @ 12:50 pm #

@Trevor Lea-Smith: Boom! That’s what I’m talking about, man!

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