Make It Happen Monday – Flow From Thought To Decision


I was thinking the other day about the positive and negative attributes of my friends… Yes, I’m that guy.

My sociopathic behavior aside, it jumped out at me that one of my buddies possesses a great quality: He commits to action when he needs to and flows immediately from situation to decision.

He, like all of us, has his share of flaws and, like any good friend should, I inform him of them as frequently as possible. However, when the chips are down you can always count on him to do something.

That's right... DRIVE-THROUGH.

You know that situation where you’ve been driving on the interstate for a long time, kind of zoning out a bit (not that I recommend this, but we all know it happens), and then suddenly there’s a lane change or divider RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Here you are, hurtling towards a median, and you are faced with the decision to go one way or the other. Actually, you’ve got three choices here: Correct, Incorrect, and Screwed. One way is the direction you’re supposed to go in to make it to Grandma’s house. The other is probably going to cause you some swearing, backtracking, and probably force you to stop in one of those sketchy roadside stripclubs from the billboards, because you’ve gotta get directions somewhere, right? That’s probably not the right decision.

However, any way you slice it sticking the middle of a divided road is DEFINITELY the wrong choice.

Come on, you know I can't stick with just one photo when it comes to roadside titty-bars.

What do a lot of people do? Lots of people freak out and try to stop right in the middle. This causes a huge traffic issue and is likely to get them and a lot of other people hurt.

Not my buddy, though. I’ve been in the car with him, flying down the interstate, and in this very situation. Without pause he quickly hits a decision and flows to one side or the other. Is he always right? No. Is there swearing? Every time. Is it always better than trying to ride out the middle, hemming and hawing over a decision? Absolutely.

Other than letting the cat out of the bag on the number of times I’ve nearly been killed on the road as a passenger, what am I getting at here?

It’s simple, really, and yet most people don’t seem to get it:

Nothing good comes from staying in the middle, waffling between decision points. Make mistakes if you need to, but make them moving forward.

Just in case you don’t trust me, Mr. Miyagi is on my side, and that makes me right.

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