Make It Happen Monday – Establish Your Priorities


Late last week I was bouncing some business ideas back and forth with my boy and Mastermind Brother Chris Reed.

*****A side note: If you’re anywhere near Toronto, Canada I have a couple of key pieces of advice:

1. Get a parka.

2. You NEED to check my boy Chris and his facility out. It’s pretty rare you find a trainer that can bring the holistic (mental, physical, and spiritual) element of true fitness and combine it with legit, tough-as-nails training. He can.


Anyway, so I was kicking some ideas around with Chris and he hit me with probably the biggest shot of wisdom I’d received that day:

“Isaac, it sounds like you’re just doing a bunch of work for the sake of being busy. Figure out what’s important and what you’re passionate about. Focus on those things and to hell with the rest”. I’m paraphrasing what he said, but it’s pretty close.

He’s absolutely right.

Life has a way of coming up with all kinds of busy work that keeps us distracted from moving ahead with our goals if you let it. If you want to continually succeed then you’ve got to be able to separate yourself from the busy work and firefighting of life and keep your eye focused on the prize.

Sure, you’ve gotta take out the trash (don’t trust people who a) don’t take out their own garbage, or b) never take out the garbage), but are the thousand little jobs on the “Honey Do” list around the house getting you ahead? Or would you be better off batching them all into one block of one day and crushing it out?

Here’s what I recommend you do:

Step 1: Take 10 minutes and write your whole “To Do” list. Write down everything that comes to mind.

Step 2: The First pass – Take everything that you know damn well you’re not going to get done today (there’s always something), and sweep it to the side. That’s your long term list.


Step 3: The Second pass – Now go through the remaining items and isolate 3-5 things that either NEED to be done or are within your passion and hammer them out. Now these could be the same thing, in which case you’ve managed the two birds and one stone/Happy Ending scenario. Even if they’re not, you’re going to get a lot of satisfaction from knocking off something that you know will move you further ahead.

Step 4 (optional): Clean-up – Here’s where you take the things that you eliminated in Step 3 and get as many of them as possible done. This isn’t the crucial stuff, and maybe you’re not totally excited about it, but since you’ve already handled the big stuff in life then this is the gravy.

Look, the bottom line is that life’s too short to get bogged down in stuff that’s not going to help you when there’s plenty to do that will.

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What’s on your Need/Passion List for today?

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October 24, 2011

Damn this hit home for me. It is so true i always tell people that time management is and will always be your best friend when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Keep the great posts coming 🙂

Is it ok if i re-post this on my site and give your site all the credit?

Isaac @ 6:42 pm #

Sure thing, man. Just drop me a link and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for asking,


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