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Every day in the gym I push people through and beyond what they think are their limits. I take them to places where they’re uncomfortable in order to make them better. In my own training I do the same thing. However, that’s not what I really need. Sure, I train hard, but honestly I’m pretty good at it.

For me training hard isn’t really out of my comfort zone. I’m comfortable with momentary discomfort because I’ve been doing it for years. I like it. That’s one of the reasons why I’m a trainer.

If I want to continue to improve as a man and as a person, I need to seek other outlets that push me beyond my comfort zone. In order to do that I drove to the Jersey Shore this weekend to attend one of my Mastermind meetings. These Mastermind meetings are closed door sessions with other fitness pros in which we talk not only business but also lifestyle and mentality stuff. There are no holds barred here and it can get pretty damn uncomfortable sometimes.

Like I said, these are closed door sessions, so what’s said in Jersey stays in Jersey, but I’m going to let you know that I got called on some bullshit this weekend. It sucked, but it’s what I needed. Was I called a bad trainer? Hell no. Did someone say I wasn’t a good writer? Nope. What about that I didn’t care about my clients? That wasn’t it, either, because that’s obviously not true.

Instead, I was called out on my lack of commitment.

Not to my clients. Not to my job. To my life.

Due to some personal situations (business and relationship-wise) that are both in and out of my control, I’ve been riding some fences lately. Even when things are good, I’ve been “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. And that’s been limiting my success.

Well, I’ve made three moves this morning (7:38am, Monday) that will change that.

I realized that this wasn’t just an issue with me. There were some other guys in the same boat at this meeting and almost everyone I see in the gym is right there with us.

Look, if you want to go a long ways in life, you’ve got to drive with purpose and a commitment Imagine I told you to drive 500 miles and at the end of it was every dream you had. Seriously. 500 miles and there’s a pile of cash, a beach house, 14 bikini models, and the biggest BBQ sandwich you’ve ever seen…

And I’m handing you the keys to a gassed-up Viper.

Are you going to drive the entire way with the emergency brake on?

Oh sure, you’ll probably get there (although you should be shot for abusing a car like that) but I guarantee that you’re not going to do a DAMN thing that will slow you down.

Not committing to your course is just like driving a pimp sports car with the emergency brake on.

Get that sandwich.

You have the ability to do amazing shit if you commit yourself to doing it. If you don’t know how, then you know how to get that info. Commit to your success.

Drop 50 pounds and build a rockstar performance body? Commit to it.

Earn $100k? Commit to it.

Heal your relationship? Commit to it.

It’s Make It Happen Monday. What are you going to do to take the e-brake off today? Comment below!

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April 19, 2012

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April 16, 2012

John Prentiss @ 3:48 pm #

This rings true to the point of being uncomfortable, just like you stated Isaac. I think I did a pretty fair job of committing myself to the right path after my cardiac event in December of 2010, changing my eating habits, changig my exercise regimen, even changing whom I spend the majority of my non-working and social time with; making lifestyle and life altering commitments is a long term change in your state of mind requiring a whole new level of introspection and honesty to see beyond the looking glass reflection. Thanks for doing your part to make us as successful as we can be in our commitment level in your world of health and exercise. Keep on keeping on Coach!

April 17, 2012

Barb Prentiss @ 12:20 pm #

Hi Isaac,

I agree for the most part. Of course it is much easier to do when you DO see the direction to take and realize what’s on the other end…step on the gas!…as long as you don’t run over people and situations to get there!
The hard experiences in your life can also make you take pause and think and also make you who you are….kind, thoughtful and a nice person to be around. I believe it is meant for a reason that we go through the crap and I know you would agree.
I remember one day when I was 35 I thought….hey what am I waiting for. What IS my success. I had a lot going for me and did not realize my successes that were happening daily. I started to be satisfied and paid attention to the difference I was making….it is not to be confused with settling …. it became contentment. Monetary success unfortunately takes more time ,making those right choices and is always an artform actually!…but steadfastness is the key to that too.
The prize at the end…cash, beach house, models, sandwich…(success)….is a great motivation, but while on your way you can make a difference in so many lives as you do, Isaac, with all of us daily. I feel you have to balance that future with living in the present.
Sometimes the journey IS the prize….

Now Isaac…I could be taking this too deeply and seriously but I know you will tell me!!


Barb Prentiss @ 6:17 pm #

Hey John Prentiss…..I like your thoughts…you have definitely done the work and it isn’t always easy for sure. You are a perfect example of true grit and this is the difference between success and not so much. You can have the knowledge but you have to have the grit behind it!… and… again I say you have to walk through the shit to get out of the barn all the while realizing the little successes along the way.

oh…and by the way thanks for choosing me to spend some of that non-working and social time with!!

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