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We’re experiencing a mini-heat wave here in Maine this weekend into today. My handy app says that in Bangor it’s 56 degrees, bright, and sunny, which for the early middle of March up in this neck of the woods is pretty sweet. Given that it’s t-shirt and bikini weather (for Maine) we’ve got the doors open to the gym, the music is cranked, people are running sprints, and sleds are being pulled. It’s awesome.

The energy of the gym has been great, but it’s definitely on another level today. After a long winter people are taking the day to get outside, do some things they haven’t done in a while, and just get the Vitamin D factories going. There’s something special about being outdoors on a great day to train that just makes it better.

Granted, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that in general working out when it’s warm and sunny is pretty awesome while training when it’s dark, cold, and snowy sort of sucks. I think there’s more to it than that, though. More than anything else what makes today great is that it’s a shake-up. Things are different, and that brings some energy.

Sled in the sun!

While I definitely push success through planning and routine, I don’t mean that you need to become stagnant and put yourself into a rut to achieve. Instead plan to change things up, whether it’s training in a new location or just doing something different to break the pattern.

Feeling like everything’s been dragging lately? Here’s ten things you can do today to shake things up:

1. Swap out max-effort exercises. Why hello, Banded Box Squats… I’ve missed you.
2. Find something new to research and study. Like this.
3. Make Pruno. Ok, don’t do that.
4. Do 50 pull-ups. Chances are you haven’t been doing enough.
5. Ask one of your friends a philosophical question. Earlier in researching this post I asked one of my occasional training partners what the meaning of life was. The reply: “To make sure you die first”. Interesting take, I’ll admit, but it didn’t prompt much further useful conversation.
6. Go to a restaurant you’ve never been to. Order their most popular dish (which will be bad for you, I guarantee it). Chat up the wait staff. Unless you picked Denny’s. Then ask if they have any Pruno.
7. “The Stranger”. If you have to ask, it’s time to do your own research.
8. Listen to a new genre of music. Do this until you find at least one song you like.
9. Go hiking or do something else physical and outdoors. As a friend of mine once said: “What’s going to happen; you get bitten by a moose?”
10. Build something. You can start smaller, but this is pretty spectacular:

It’s Make It Happen Monday. No matter what you do, if you’re in a rut then you’ve gotta change something.

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March 13, 2012

Frank DiMeo @ 10:47 am #

Too funny,Isaac! Great ideas though!

Isaac @ 6:38 pm #


Funny nothing! I want someone to build that pumpkin cannon! 😉


Kathryn King @ 11:12 pm #

I think I recognize the sled in the picture; and if I can get one of the kids at HA (I have one in mind –he owes me) to build the pumpkin cannon, you have to swear you’ll fire it off.

March 14, 2012

Isaac @ 5:01 pm #

Hells yeah!

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