Make It Happen Monday – Announcing the Relentless 90-Day Challenge!


I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from my fellow strength coach Matt Lawrence of Ironman Fitness (Check him out):

As of this Tuesday, October 2nd there will be 90 days left in this calendar year.

90 days is plenty of time to make some real, honest changes in your life. By taking it one day at a time you use small steps to add up to big results.

Here are some ideas:

-Lose fat
-Gain muscle
-Improve a measurable fitness quality (strength, speed, etc)
-A certain number of reps of an exercise you have a hard time with every day
-Conquering your nutrition vices one day at a time
-Performing your daily mobility and prehab work
-Getting in a certain number of workouts before the end of the year.

Be realistic don’t try and do something crazy, but push yourself.

Do the right things often enough and they become good habits. Being a “New Year’s Resolutioner” sucks. Don’t start all over 2013. Get yourself right now and hit the ground running in the New Year.

Here’s how you join:

1. Make sure you “Like” Relentless Strength Training.

2. Then post up your goal to this thread on the page. I’ll compile them and put them on a board in the gym. Make sure that they are measurable, such as train X sessions per week, perform Y push-ups per day, spend 10 minutes foam rolling, or lose Z% body fat. You can have multiple goals.

3. There will be weekly check-ins to hold yourself accountable.

4. Find a friend to buddy with. Make sure they “Like” Relentless Strength Training and send in their goals, too. Any challenge is easier if you have someone supporting you!

Two more things:

1. Since it “starts” tomorrow and I’m a little late in getting everything out there then all entries will be accepted for the next week.

2. Prizes? I think we should have a vote and pick the top three transformations. What would inspire you?

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October 1, 2012

Isaac @ 1:51 pm #

Ok, so my goals (I’m not contest-eligible, but I’m still doing it): I’m fixing up a couple of pretty major injuries that will impact real strength goals, so in 90 days I will:

-Drop 5% body fat
-Perform 2500 Pull-ups
-Perform 5000 Push-ups
-Perform 5000 bodyweight Squats

This will help me be ready to blast the strength goals in the new year by rehabbing my body, building my conditioning back up, and strengthening my connective tissue.

This is in addition to my normal training, such as it is with the current injuries.

October 9, 2012

justin @ 12:23 am #

Alright here we go. I have two more tests to go because I thought for whatever reason I had another day to complete this so the other couple will be done tomorrow. However, here are the goals:
-increase my push-up AMRAMP from 40 to 70
-increase burpees from 50 in 5 minutes to 75 in 5 minutes
-decrease my mile time from 10:25 to 8:00 flat
-decrease my 3 miles time from 39:12 to under 30 min.
Tomorrow I’ll finish up with time i can hold a planche and how long it takes me to do 10 Turkish Get-ups on each side and then have goals for those as well.
Along with the above mentioned maintaining a daily foam roller and stretch routine will be added as well to my workouts. Cheers and good luck to all involved!

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