Make It Happen Monday – 3 Actions To Improve Life


One of my buddies from South Carolina had a pretty cool project a while back called LifeWOD. He doesn’t update it as much anymore, but it’s a pretty awesome idea.

*****For those who don’t know, the CrossFit culture uses the term “WOD” as an acronym for “Workout Of the Day“. Various specific training iterations like mobility or strength are likewise termed “mobilityWOD”, “strengthWOD”, etc. See where I’m going with that?*****

Anyway, as you can see if you click on the link, he built this blog up as an exercise where you did one thing every day to improve your life. Pretty awesome stuff.

For Make It Happen Monday I’m going to hold you to a higher standard than that, though. Instead of just one thing, I’m going to give you three things to do today that will improve your life this week. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, if you do these things then you will be living better.

Ready for some black magic, deep down, mysterious, super life-enhancing, ninja shit?

Ok, here you go:

1. Learn something new.

2. Help someone else.

3. Cross something off your list.

Disappointed that you missed out on the secret? Look again. Stop screwing around, chasing your tail, and running after false horizons. Pick three things, even if they seem trivial, and knock them out. You’ll be better off because of it.

In light of ol’Zach Even-esh’s favorite saying, I’ll “lead from the front”.

1. I researched some killer variations of the basic sit-out/sit-under that will have my clients more mobile and stable in the quadruped position.

2. I took part in a recorded video interview today to help out one of my friends and mentors with a BIG new project he’s working on.

3. I finally changed the damn windshield wiper blades on my truck, given that I bought the replacement blades about a month ago.

See? These don’t have to be Earth-shattering things, but when combined with all of the stuff I do on a regular basis (including writing this blog post) they all improve my or someone else’s life. That’s a win right there.

Looking for more simple ways to get strong as hell, focused as a snake-eating mongoose, and living the life of your dreams? Then you’d better start by signing up on the right.

What were your three things? Comment below!

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