Lessons In Ass-Kicking for Men – Straight from the Jersey Shore


Man, let me tell you what. I just got back from a life-changing weekend on the Jersey Shore. No, I didn’t party with Snookie, as life-changing as that might have been. Instead I was at an ocean-front resort locked in a conference room for two days with about 30 of the best veteran and up-and-coming fitness professionals in the business. We were getting some knowledge bombs dropped on us from Paul Reddick and Zach Even-esh, learning about lifestyle design, business, and in general how to kick tail at what was appropriately titled the “How To Kick Ass” seminar (HTKA).

Now, most of what we went over is off-limits to share. This was a no-recording, closed-door event and as they say “What happens on the Shore, stays on the Shore”. But I did make some observations that will help you guys take your game to the next level and crush it. I want to share those with you.

In the words of Paul Reddick: “Write this down.”

-Stand for something. A man isn’t a man until he knows what he believes in and stands for it. Too many people are moderates now, and that’s why so many people are unsuccessful. I’m not going to tell you what to believe in. I’m not going to tell you to be a good person or a bad person. But I will tell you to reach down, grab your balls, decide what you believe in, make it clear to everyone around you, and live by it.

Fence riders don’t get anything except splinters in unfortunate places. Pick a side and run the hell out of it. People will respect you a whole lot more, even if they don’t agree with you. You’ll find those who support you and repel those who don’t. By making your stance clear you’ll have a much more clear path to success.

-Kicking ass takes work.
There were 30 of us at this seminar. There were a fair number of others that wanted to be there but Paul and Zach capped the size. However, Paul observed that in the marketing for the seminar both he and Zach went out of their way to avoid saying that the process was going to be “easy”. He was confident that if he’d said that then he and Zach have been deluged with applications.

Everyone wants the easy success, the easy fame, and the easy money. Well, that doesn’t exist. That’s why most people don’t kick ass at anything. Kicking someone’s ass takes work, and most guys aren’t willing to put in that effort and work and therefore will never really achieve anything.

You want to kick ass? Get on your hustle and make it happen.

-Don’t use Asshole Money. This one is a little more concrete, but I think that it’s something that a lot of guys have had to battle with, myself included. Your revenue should dictate your lifestyle, not the other way around. Too many guys make great money yet are CRUSHED under a load of debt because their lifestyle is way more expensive than their income can handle. If you’re on a Toyota budget, you shouldn’t be driving a BMW.

Asshole Money is money that if you spend it, you need to fret and worry about how you’re going to cover it. That is not the path to success. It is the path to stress, poor decisions, and strained relationships (I’ve been through all of those). As a matter of fact, while it does provide motivation, living on Asshole Money stands directly in the way of your success.

Are you on a Toyota budget but you really want the BMW? That’s cool. Figure out how you’re going to develop your revenue to the point where the BMW is no longer Asshole Money for you, THEN you can have it.

Most of what I just shared isn’t revolutionary (although it might be eye-opening). Yet most guys aren’t doing these things. They’re not taking a stand for anything. They’re not putting in the grind to kick some ass. They’re blowing money on stupid shit that they can’t really afford. And guess what? They’re not living the lifestyle that they dream about.

Set yourself apart. Be different. Be successful by deciding what you want, developing a plan to get there, and kick it’s ass.

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