Kettlebells Made Simple


As I’ve said before and all of my clients are very aware of: I’m a big fan of kettlebells. Not in the crazy, religious way that some kettlebell fanatics seem to be (there’s not a kettlebell exercise I can think of off the top of my head that you can’t do with a dumbbell), but in general I think they’re a useful, fun tool.

There are a couple of basic kettlebell exercises that, if you can get them down, will basically set the foundation for all of the other kettlebell movements: The Clean and the Snatch.

Kettlebell training is all about efficiency of motion. When I see people mess up the main kettlebell lifts it usually boils down to either inefficient technique or not controlling the ‘bell and results in bruised wrists and bitching.

Here’s a couple of vids I shot to help you with each lift:

The Kettlebell Clean: How NOT To Bruise Your Wrists

Remember to keep the ‘bell close to your wrist through quick rotation. If you get lazy then it’ll swing out away from you and then smack you.

Easy Tip To Learn the Kettlebell Snatch

When the kettlebell is a few inches over your head punch your palm through to literally “beat the kettlebell to the punch” and rotate the handle before the ball flips over… and smacks you.

Once you get the hang of using a kettlebell it’s great because the exercises are smooth, dynamic, and flow well.

If you’re looking for some great free workouts using kettlebells, then you need to grab the videos on the right by signing up!

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June 2, 2013

Maya @ 9:03 pm #

Wow, this is my first time to learn about kettlebells and they look heavy to me. I suppose they come in different weights too. I use dumbbells like 5-10 lb weights. It looks like you have to learn the right technique to hold and turn the kettlebells, otherwise, one will end up getting hurt. On the other hand, it looks fun and there is variety with using it. I may try it!

June 5, 2013

kevin @ 5:41 am #

Good videos Issac. I’ve never used the kettlebells for a workout before, is there a specific exercise you do to specifically target the legs for strength?

June 25, 2013

Isaac @ 5:45 pm #

Definitely, Kevin!

You can load all types of squats and lunges with the kettlebells to target the legs. If you’re really looking for improving your jump, then I’d work on heavy kettlebell swings to build the posterior chain and hip strength!


June 10, 2013

Lee @ 8:44 pm #

Getting over the wrist smack was tricky for me… I don’t know if this qualifies as good form, but I found that keeping a more open grip at the top with my hand stiff like a blade helped for some reason. I visualized the hand stabbing upwards with a slight twist outward. I was careful to keep my thumb semi-engaged in case I still needed to control the kettlebell.

June 25, 2013

Isaac @ 5:40 pm #

Yeah, I often use a semi-open hand on kettlebell exercises. It keeps you from “overgripping” the kettlebell.

June 24, 2013

Michael McKay @ 9:56 pm #

Hey man, I am 5’9″, 140 lbs –Not a big guy. And so I was born with relatively small bones, and although the “zip” trick is really great, i would like to ask you if there are any related exercises that you would recommend to strengthen grip strenght and wrist strength (both my wrists are f’ed up from playing hockey too much when not totally warmed up).



June 25, 2013

Isaac @ 5:43 pm #

Definitely, Mike!

For starters, check out this exercise:

It’ll build some serious strength and stability in your wrists and forearms.


June 27, 2013

Nicole @ Adonis Golden Review @ 4:32 am #

Good advice, i like the zipping up the coat technique. you do make it look easy though!! Suppose I will just need to keep practising, maybe with lighter weights than I am currently using. This might be spilling my form a little.

July 23, 2013

Joseph @ 1:19 am #

Great tips! I’ve always wanted to try out kettlebells, but I guess I was turned off by the unfamiliar shape and handling. I want give it a try after watching these, maybe I can adapt some of my dumbbell workouts. Btw, what the heck is that picture at the top of the post?

July 26, 2013

John @ 6:48 am #

Nice exercises Isaac.
I just picked up a kettlebell and am really exited to start learning how to handle this.
Also liked the sandbag article, as I’m researching how to make a sandbag. Perfect timing to visit your site.

August 25, 2013

Andrew @ 3:27 pm #

Thanks for some great videos. I have just bought myself a kettlebell as I live a bit far from any gym. After the first new workouts, my wrists was all banged up, not any more. Thanks.

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