Kettlebell Complexes: Quick and Effective Conditioning and Fat Loss


In addition to training athletes, I have a strong and rock star clientele of hard-charging, aggressive, focused adults. You, as a reader of this blog and a fitness enthusiast (unless you’re totally lost and ended up here looking for pictures of a baby chick in a sandwich bun, in which case: Welcome!) probably fall into that category.

I love working with people like you, because you get it. No matter where you start, you know that progress comes through focus and determination. You also don’t whine, cry, or back down from challenges. My in-gym adults are the same way. Like I said, I have an awesome group of both online and in-gym clients. There’s no room for whiny bitches here.

With this type of person comes some challenges, though. If you’re focused and aggressive in the gym while also seeking expert guidance and training, chances are you’re focused and aggressive OUTSIDE of the gym, too. As such, I train a lot of lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, law enforcement, etc. These people don’t work generic 9-5’s where they punch a time clock, work out, then go home. Most of these people would be chewing on the door frames if they had to do that. Nope, they grab life, and life gets in the way CONSTANTLY.

For example, one of my private clients is a super-busy CEO and public figure. Earlier this week he shot me a text before our scheduled session and said “Hey man, I’m coming in, but can we get out early? I’ve got some serious deadlines piling up”. Now, this isn’t ideal, of course, but it is what it is and the man pays me to improve his fitness and lifestyle. That means we sometimes work around other things.

So what’d we do?

First we hit the standard dynamic warm-up. Don’t skimp on your warm-up, as realistically it should only be 5-10 minutes anyway.

Then we busted through several rounds of a couple of kettlebell complexes. Strength, conditioning, mobility, and athletic development all rolled into a few movements and consolidated time.

We finished with some really quick soft-tissue work on key areas and in half an hour he was out the door like he had a rocket strapped to his ass.

Like I said, not a “perfect” session, but it was effective for his goals and it was 100% better than missing a session.

Want to see one of those complexes we did in action?

Got ya covered. Grab some heavy ‘bells and the ass-kicking is coming.

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