Jealousy Is a BS Emotion


“Man, he’s so lucky that he was born rich”

“Oh, well, you have a fast metabolism so you don’t have to worry about getting fat”

“That guy doesn’t deserve her (but I do)!”

Do any of those sentences sound familiar? I bet you hear them every day or maybe you even say them yourself. Envy, jealousy, begrudging, resentful, whatever you call it, it’s the same thing: Bullshit.

Harsh? Maybe, but it’s true. Do you know what I hear when I listen to someone spout off about being jealous of another person or what they have? I hear that they don’t have big enough balls to go get what they want for themselves. They’d rather sit there in their safe little miserable den and throw hate at someone who’s done something. That pisses me off to know end. If someone is experiencing success, you should be celebrating their success and using it as inspiration towards your own, rather than trying to tear them down!

Do some people get a favorable hand once in a while? Absolutely. Life’s like that. You know what? I bet if you think hard enough you’ll remember when you’ve been thrown a few goodies along the way yourself. The question is what did or what do you do with them? Do you maximize your opportunities?

For example, I naturally have a heavy-set body type. It’s hard work for me to get lean. Am I jealous of those guys who walk around at 8% body fat without stressing about it? Nope. I don’t stress about it because I know how to get to 8% if I want to, and it’s easier for me to get bigger and stronger than almost all of them. I regularly get “Oh, but it’s so easy for you to put on mass” from little skinny guys who refuse to do what they need to do (eat more, lift heavy, train less), as a matter of fact. They aren’t willing to put in the hard work so they fall back on the biggest cop-out in the fitness world: “Genetics”.

One of my mentors is hooked up with some pretty big names in the internet marketing industry. Anything he puts out is going to sell like hell because these guys will market for him. It gives him a major leg up. People constantly hate on his success, say that he lucked out, and that he’s lucky to have met these guys. You know what? He hustled his ass off to meet these guys, help them any way he could, and get very good at what he does and produce good products. He paid his dues and now he gets the reward.

I’ve got a buddy (who you’ll probably meet on this blog) who’s wife is a model, hot as all hell, and one of the coolest girls you’ll ever meet. She’s absolutely the total package, and she was BEFORE she met him (so no “ugly duckling” poaching on his part). To be honest, He’s an ugly mother (which I tell him on a regular basis), pretty abrasive, and when he met her he was bouncing for cash six nights a week, living in his brother’s house, and driving an old Bonneville. Yet he snagged this girl and is rocking things out while I know some guys who hate on him for it and go home alone. How’d he get this amazing girl over a pack of other guys? Because he has nuts the size of an elephant’s, treats her well, and is one of the most action-based people I know. He made things happen and so got the reward.

And that’s why I think that jealousy is a bullshit emotion. It doesn’t do you any good. Hell, it doesn’t even make you feel better. All it does is waste your time and energy, feed you excuses, and drag your mood down while you could be going out there and making things happen. So when you start to feel that old pattern of jealousy coming on, here’s what you’re going to do:

Step one: Analyze what you’re about to get jealous of: Someone’s trust fund? Their hot girlfriend? Their six-pack?

Step two: How’d they get it? Luck of the draw? Hard work? Taking action? More often than not it’ll be one of the last two, but even if it was luck of the draw it came from somewhere, so move on to the next step.

Step three: How can you get it?
Want to be a millionaire? Have six-pack abs? Date a model? I know for a fact that every one of you reading this has the potential to do any of those things, but I’m equally confident that 99% of you won’t do it. The reason you won’t do it is because this country has created a culture of people who assume that things will be handed to you. Until you break free of that mentality, decide to rebuild your life and start carving your own path you won’t build the success you’re looking for.

If you are one of the 1%, then stick around. I salute you and we’re going to be kicking ass together. If you’re not then go ahead and stay right where you are, my friend. I’ll be busy root-hogging, making things happen, and giving you something to be jealous of.

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December 1, 2010

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