How Badly Do You Want to Achieve Success?


I’ve been talking a lot about success lately with some of my friends and a couple of my business mentors. There seems to be a handful of different categories that people can fall into when it comes to success.

1. There’s the people that have no aspirations of succeeding beyond their current situation. Quite frankly, if that’s you, then you probably should just leave this blog right now. Stagnation is not what I do here.

2. There are those who have the drive and focus for success and are just putting the pieces together. That’s part of the fun and we’ll work hard on that.

3. Then there are those who just need a good kick in the ass. Maybe they’re riding the fence between the first and second categories, or maybe they’re just in need of a reminder. Either way, here’s your kick in the ass, courtesy of Eric Thomas, the HipHop Preacher.

This clip made the rounds of Facebook and Youtube a while back, so you might have seen it. Regardless, it’s worth another watch.


Tell me what you are set on accomplishing, be it socially, in business, in the gym, or whatever. What would be your success? How would your life change if you achieved it?

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