Farm Strong Friday – Build a Stronger Grip


I had a client this week comment that the training we do doesn’t just get you gym strong; it gets you “farm strong”. By that he meant that we don’t just turn people into weight room warriors, but we make you real world strong and give you abilities that you can apply. Needless to say, I took it as a compliment.

As an example of the difference, the NFL Combine just took place. If you live under a rock and somehow enjoy this blog but not football (really?) the Combine is basically a showcase of athletes showing off gym athletic skills that scouts use in an attempt to evaluate college players towards their future pro carriers. There’s no real football involved, but lots of sprint, jump, lifting, and position-specific drill testing.

Now, I’m a fan of the Combine. It’s a lot of fun and given that I’m a performance coach I’m obviously very interested in how these guys do on the drills. However, every year there are always a few guys that absolutely blow up the Combine tests and look like absolute animals in the gym, but turn out to be big pussies on the football field when camp starts.

In turn, there are always a handful of guys who don’t really run that well or bench press that big in front of the scouts, but once they’re on the pitch just plain tear dudes up. These guys have real world strength as opposed to just gym strength.

In my opinion if you’re going to put the time and effort into gaining muscle and building strength in the gym but you’re willing to walk out the door and barely do your yard work (but look great in a wifebeater while sucking at it!) then that’s just stupid. Building strength and athleticism comes from not just moving a barbell but having to apply that developed strength in lots of situations.

Taking on life situations, grabbing a hold of them in the man hands, and bending them to your will, raw dawg-style… that’s Farm Strong.

So I thought I’d start doing a few articles on my favorite exercises, both physical and mental, that will take you from “gym strong” to “farm strong”. If nothing else you might pick up a few things to add to your programs and gain some more strength in the process.

So here’s this week’s Farm Strong Friday exercise: Plate Pinches

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March 10, 2012

Kathryn @ 12:45 am #

If plate pinches can help me climb raw dawg style, then bring ’em.

Isaac @ 2:00 pm #

They’re definitely a tool in the box!


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