Farm Strong Friday – Band-resisted Deadlifts


I have many lusts and flirtations in the gym, but I have one true love, and that is the Deadlift. Well, ok, sometimes I cheat on the Deadlift with the Good Morning, but being asked to choose between the two is like picking between Jessica Biel and… I don’t know, her equally-athletic redheaded sister (if she has one of those, be kind and don’t tell me.)? Either way, some decisions are just against nature.

Honestly, could use 5-10 lbs more muscle, but that's just being picky.

The issue with the Deadlift is that, much like the other loves in my life, I can’t interact with her the way I like to (hard and heavy) often. I simply get burnt out after a few weeks and my strength goes down.

Now, there’s such a thing as getting a little weak in the knees from love, but that’s no excuse for a bad Deadlift.

So here’s a great, simple solution:

Stand in a resistance band stretched over the bar.

There are three primary benefits to this:

1. It accommodates the strength curve better and allows you to use less actual weight on the bar, allowing the band tension to increase the load as your leverage increases. This means you’ll be less stressed from deadlifting (although you’ll definitely feel worked) and can thus train more frequently.

2. It forces you to accelerate all the way through the lift. Your body naturally slows down as you near full extension to keep you from hyperextending. This is a good defense mechanism, but teaches you to put the brakes on. This is one of the reasons why the olympic lifts are so good at teaching power: They largely avoid this. With the Band-resisted Deadlift, you achieve a lot of the same effect.

3. It really builds a boa constrictor grip. With the band pulling the bar down the whole time, and getting harder as you go, you need some iron hands to hold on.

So here’s how you do it:

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