Does Your Behavior Match Your Goals?


There’s a situation that I’m seeing a lot of and quite frankly, it’s frustrating to me. I see it happening in the gym. I see it when I talk to people on the street. *****Ok, I don’t actually talk to people on the street because I’m kind of jerky, but I talk to people at various places throughout my day***** I definitely see it happen online.

I’m talking about a HUGE disparity between what people profess that they want to achieve and their actual day-to-day behaviors. I just don’t get it.

You see, we all want to achieve things in life. Be that retire early, help people, lose body fat, or even get your next boot of heroin (you see, even junkies have goals)… Regardless of who you are, assuming that you’re not a vegetable, you definitely have some things you want to do in life.

Many people take things to the next level and set goals. That’s cool. Now you’ve made what you want into a specific target. In the above examples these goals could be have X million dollars in the bank, establish a charitable foundation, get six pack abs, and to stick yourself retarded. All of these are perfectly fine goals that will lead you to what you want to achieve.

Some people even go so far as developing a plan to achieve their goals. This is pretty cool and definitely separates them from the herd. Now they’ve figured out the exact method that will get them what they want or at least a very close road map for success. Again, to knock out the above examples this plan may be to contribute $1000/month to savings (I’m just pulling that number out of the air, nitpickers), file the forms necessary and collect donations to become a charity, diet and train appropriately, or steal a TV and pawn it. These are all pretty legit plans for success for those respective goals.

We’ve gone over all of this stuff and it works like a charm… except for that little hang-up I mentioned way back in the beginning of this post that’s pissing me off:

Most people don’t actually do it.

You see, we do things every day. We have certain behaviors and habits that we perform on a regular basis. These are the things that keep our life generally the way it is. Now, that’s not necessarily bad. Behaviors can be positive or negative, and your life might be pretty awesome. However, if you’re reading this then chances are you’d like at least something to change and in order to see change you need to be sure that your behaviors are lining up with what you want to have happen.

You say you want a cool couple of mil in the bank… Who doesn’t, right? Well, how’re you getting there? Right now you’re working a dead-end job making $40k per year, going out and dropping a couple of hundred bucks every weekend on beer and shots, allowing your company to contribute $100 or so a month into your 401(k), and holding on with $500 in the bank. We’ve all been there, but unfortunately you were exactly at this point last year… and next year isn’t looking any better.

Those behaviors do not match your goal.

You want to make a difference in others’ lives… You want to be the one that leads them out of the shit, past the suck, and into to super-fun-peaceful-bliss existence, right? Admirable. However, you’re fighting with your girlfriend all the time because you can’t settle down, spend the bulk of your time reading online and getting good and righteous about the wrongs of the world, and at least twice a week you end up at a local pub/coffee shoppe/library where you get to rant about the injustices you see going on. Then you go home to your comfortable bed, sleep it off, wake up, and get ready for your square-ass job in the corporate world (or more likely, your 8:00am class). Rinse and repeat.

Those behaviors do not match your goal.

Rocking that six-pack will get the chicks, right? Actually, probably not. It will get every douche in the gym to come up to you to ask how you did it, though. (Sorry to burst that bubble) However, you don’t have to worry about that. Because you’re still catching your breakfast from the drive-through, going out and getting hammered a couple of of times a week (complete with a diner late-night breakfast), and not sleeping worth a damn. Good luck getting lean on huge-ass cheeseburgers, fries, and Miller Lite, Romeo.

Those behaviors do not match your goal.

Not motivated? Wait until he needs a fix.

Oh, and for the smackhead looking for his next fix? He doesn’t have these problems. There is very little in this world that is going to distract a junkie from his objective, and admittedly there’s something that can be learned from that.

Before you and D.A.R.E. get all buckwild on me – I’m NOT telling you to go out and get addicted to an illegal (or hell, a legal) substance.

What I’m saying is that when you have a real goal and a real plan established, your next step is to go after it with the tenacity of a fiending addict!

Here’s some life and goal achievement tips:

1. Trim your expenses, don’t waste money, and learn how to plan for the future.

2. Help someone once in a while.

3. Get a good workout program and a decent diet. Then follow them.

4. Stay off the Horse.

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